5 Reasons Why People Prefer a Wireless Doorbell Instead of Wired Doorbell

We are in a generation where everything is switching to  “wireless” mode. Be it internet, phones and numerous other essential things.

Doorbells are no exception to this trend. Wireless versions of doorbells actually appeared in the market 2 decades ago. They co-exist in the market along with their wired counterparts.

However, there are lots of advantages of wireless doorbells over wired ones.

5 solid reasons why people prefer a wireless doorbell instead of wired one

1. Freedom from wires

This single reason has made wireless doorbells hugely popular. Since wireless doorbells are free from hassles of wiring requirements, they are super easy to install in your home.

They cause less damage to your home walls since you don’t have to drill holes along the wall to accommodate wires.Just plug-in the chime and fix the push button at the door. You are done !!

2. Easy Portability

Since wireless doorbells are free from wires, they are easily portable as well. Which means that you can carry them around easily if you want to change their position in your home or carry even to the new home without any problems. No complicated de-install and re-install procedures here.

Imagine, you want to do an experiment of changing your chime position from hall to kitchen side. In the case of a wired doorbell, you surely have plenty of physical work in terms of removing the chime and re-installing it at the new position.

Get wireless doorbells. Your experiments will be fun, not pain 🙂

3. Support to Multiple Push Buttons

Wired doorbells are very rigid when it comes to supporting multiple push bells. There are practical scenarios when people need multiple pushbuttons installed at different doors at their homes and your door chime must respond to all of these.

Wired doorbells will be left with the limitation of their doorbell holding tight to its current location and extending a wire to support the new push-button would be not less than a pain.

Wireless doorbells are a breeze when it comes to supporting multiple push bells. There are quite a lot doorbells out there at Amazon which support multiple buzzers.

4. Advanced features for home security

Many advanced wireless doorbells work with door contacts and other home security accessories making them an integral part of your overall home security system. For example, this doorbell works with a motion sensor and door contacts for added security and convenience.

5. They are cheap

This is quite an obvious side-benefit. Since wires are absent from the doorbells, the wireless doorbell kits are usually cheaper compared to wired ones. Quite interestingly, you can get good quality wireless doorbells from top brands even under $20.

And for around $40 you get an advanced wireless doorbell like this one from Honeywell.

Your Turn

Have you switched your choice from wired doorbell to wireless? With such a wide range of products on wireless doorbells out there, choosing a wireless doorbell should be a very easy task for you. In case you need guidance in choosing a wireless door chime, do read our wireless doorbell buying guide.

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