Benefits of Having a Wireless Video Doorbell System for Your Home

Wireless Doorbells are now quite advanced in nature, as they can now incorporate a video camera within them. Not just that, modern doorbells come with a whole bunch of useful features such a 2-way intercom systems.

In this article, we are going to see that what are the key advantages of having a wireless video doorbell or a video intercom system when compared to a regular wireless door chime?

Let’s discuss this, point by point.

1. See Who is at the Door (LIVE Browsing)

The main feature of a wireless video doorbell is that you can see the visitor at the door on your handset(main unit) even before opening the door.

A doorbell camera records the video and transfers the same to the handset, enabling you to see who is at door.  It’s good to know who is knocking the door without them being able to see you.

You can imagine the practical scenarios here.

2. Speak To Visitors Before Opening the Door

Another useful feature to have. You can actually listen and speak to visitors at the door taking advantage of 2-way-intercom system that many wireless video intercom systems have within them.

3. Watch images of visitors offline

Since these kinds of video intercom systems have a digital camera within them, they instantly capture images of visitors when doorbell button is pressed and transfer the pictures to a base unit.

You can watch the pictures of visitors offline when you are back home and know about who was at the door when you were away. An excellent feature to have and no more guessworks 🙂

4. Night Vision Support

You can even see visitors during the night. You need not depend upon external light for the camera at doorbell side, as infrared technology incorporated within the latest wireless video doorbells now allows you to see visitors during the night.

5. Create a Surveillance System

Home safety is really important, especially during modern lifestyle wherein, both husband and wife go to work and a surveillance system(at least basic level) can definitely save them from safety-related issues.

Using wireless doorbell video intercom system, you can create a basic surveillance system to keep track of visitors at your door. Have peace of mind when you are away from home.

Hope you are now aware of the advantages of having a video intercom system.

Want to know which are leading wireless video doorbells?

5 Top Wireless Doorbell Video Systems Out There in the Market.

1. Optex iVision Wireless 2-Way Video Door Intercom System

2. SVAT Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System with 7″ LCD Monitor and Night Vision Security Camera

3. Video Phone Doorbell Intercom with Night Vision

4. Keedox Wireless Doorphone Bell Intercom System

5. Video Doorbell With 1 Camera and 3 Monitors

Your Turn

Overall, a wireless video doorbell system is quite useful considering above benefits it’s going to offer.

Do you have a wireless doorbell with a camera or an even better, a wireless video intercom? If yes, which model you own?

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