Looking for Wireless Doorbells with Most Doorbell Sounds? 11 Great Picks by Our Team

Well, are you bored of the same old doorbell? Why not make it grand? No, not the looks of it. Let’s make your doorbell announce the arrival of visitors in style. Yes, the musical doorbell chimes are what we are talking about. So for the next Christmas, you can welcome the guest with a jingle bell chime.

If you are awaiting the guests for your party, you can set the mood to a hip-hop tone. On an evening when you do not want to disturb your kid sleeping in the room, you can color the chime to a soft and sober tone keeping the volume low. The market today is flooded with wireless doorbells which mailbox with plenty of doorbells sounds to choose from.

You can easily choose the chimes and reset them whenever you need to. Just forget that old fashioned ding dong sound and switch to a wireless musical doorbell- make your life more musical!

11 Doorbells with Lots of Doorbell Sounds to Choose from – Our Top Picks

SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell

SadoTech with its great collection of over 50 doorbell sounds, will never disappoint you. The installation is quite simple and easy. The doorbell is loud enough with excellent range. This lets you install the bell at your door and the receiving unit at the top floor or even at the farthest point in your backyard; still hear lovely tones when someone is at the door (of course, the visitor should ring the bell!!!!). Read our full review.


  • 50 ringtones to choose from
  • Simple installation
  • Working range of 500ft

Aerb Premium Wireless Doorbell

This is a product which is simply value for money. It’s easy to program, and you can choose the chimes from a list of 52 tones.  With its two transmitters, you can easily use different ring tones one each for the front door and the back door. You also have the option to control the volume up to 4 levels. The long range of around 1000 feet lets the bell do its job to perfection. Designed for outdoors and hence will stand the weather test.


  • A huge collection of 52 doorbell sounds
  • Working range of 1000ft
  • Two bells and one receiver unit- can be used for back and front door
  • Volume control up to 4 levels

EasyAcc Doorbell

You are surely going to love the 36 very different chimes this doorbell offers. Most of it though is in Chinese; it’s distinct from the traditional chimes. The plug n play feature lets you install the unit in a jiffy. With a decent range, the sound is quite audible anywhere in the house. The built-in stereo speakers make the sound crisp and clear. You can even adjust the volume according to your need. This is a lightweight device but has a comprehensive design and build quality.


  • 36 doorchime sounds to choose from
  • Easy to install
  • Working range of 50 metres
  • Weather proof design

AVANTEK DT22 Portable Wireless Doorbell Kit

The vast range of 1000 feet makes Avantek a great choice for using at the gates and huge houses. The package with its two different receivers gives you the portability of wireless unit and the reliability of the wired unit.

One receiver is wired which can be plugged in and the other one is wireless (operating on 3 AAA batteries). The design is contemporary and stylish. You are provided with different chimes- Right from the traditional to classical, country and even pop songs!


  • Huge working range of 1000 ft
  • One bell and two receiving unit- one is wired, and other operates on battery
  • 52 ringtones available
  • Unit is energy efficient with LED lights and electronic chimes

Kootek Portable Plug-in Water-Resistant Wireless Doorbell

This chime gives you a range of 300 feet, and this lets you place the receiving unit even on your third floor and still not miss the visitor at your door. There are 36 tones to choose from. It gives you the option to control the volume with its 4 level control. The button is sleek and slim to fit in even a narrow space on your door.


  • Operating range of 300 feet
  • 36 doorbell sounds to choose from
  • 4 level volume control
  • Slim button to fit in narrow areas

Saicoo Wireless Digital Doorbell

This doorbell comes with a really long range. You can easily hear the doorbell as far as 1000 feet. With the 52 chimes and a 4 level volume control, this unit is a good buy for a second garage or a detached building. The selected chime gets reset if you unplug the receiving unit. You will need to set it again.


  • Operating range of 1000 feet
  • 52 doorchime music to choose from
  • 4 settings for volume control
  • Plug and play

Jumbo HIP-DA01 Portable Wireless Battery-Operated Door Chime

This little doorbell unit looks great and glows up when you ring the bell. There are LED lights on both the button and the receiving unit. Since the receiver is also wireless, you can carry it everywhere you go inside the house.


  • Operating range of 500 ft
  • Both the doorbell and the receiver are battery operated
  • The button and the receiving units come with LED lights that glow up when the bell is rung
  • 48 different chimes to choose from
  • 4 level volume setting

1byone Easy Chime Plug-in Wireless Doorbell

This fantastic unit can sync up with multiple units. You can have a single button at your door and can sync it up with 5 different receiving units in 5 different rooms of your house. Also, you can have 5 different buttons fixed on each of your doors and sync them up with a single receiving unit. In spite of all these features, it’s easy to install and use.


  • Operating range of 200feet
  • 36 doorchime sounds to choose from
  • Button can be synced to multiple receiving units and multiple buttons can be synced to a single receiving unit
  • 3 levels of volume adjustment
  • Option to have different Switch modes when the ringer button is pressed – flash with no sound, sound with no flash, flash with sound

iClever HI-925 Smart Wireless Doorbell

The doorbell has a straightforward and elegant design. It has a good working range and sound quality. All these features along with good aesthetics make it a great product.


  • 52 tones to choose from
  • Can work up to a distance of 600 feet
  • Aesthetically designed for a great looking doorbell
  • Easy to install
  • 4 level of volume control

SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Doorbell

This is more than a doorbell. You can surely call it an alarm kit which is simple and fuss free. It has all the features of a modern doorbell along with a motion sensor. The motion sensor lets you use this bell as an alert system for your mailbox (when mailman opens the mail box) and of course for the door/window to detect when it is opened.

It can also be used at the gate to get an alert when a car approaches the gate. The motion detector has a 10-second timeout after it detects a movement and has alerted. This is to avoid any repetitive alarm. In effect a cheap but effective warning system.


  • Simple design with a LED light on the chiming unit that glows when it is in use
  • Motion sensor which has a pretty decent range
  • Sensor works on a 9-volt battery and has its own on/off switch, so you can choose to deactivate it
  • 50 doorchime tunes to choose from
  • 4 levels of volume control

Rage Systems 900ft Long Range Wireless Doorbell System

This is a smart little doorbell that adds glamour to your door and your interiors. With its range of 900 feet, it will work well for multistoried buildings, in addition to being heard all over the houses/backyard. The unit glows up with a pleasant blue light when it is working.


  • 52 ringtones to choose from
  • Operating range of 900 ft
  • 4 levels of volume settings
  • Easy to install

1byone Portable Wireless Doorchime

If you want to hear your doorbell when you are at home, and also when you are at work in the garage adjacent to your house, this is the bell you need. It comes with a single doorbell button, but two receivers. You can place one inside the house and the other at any convenient location within the working range (your home office or garage).

The receivers sync up with the doorbell and alert you wherever you are. The receivers with their 2-toned colors look beautiful and elegant.


  • One doorbell with two receivers that can be synced to the same doorbell
  • 36 door chime sounds to choose from
  • The receiver is wireless and can be portable
  • Single volume control- But is loud enough

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