Surprise Visitors With These 5 Decorative Doorbell Covers [Reviewed]

How about surprising visitors at your door with a unique, attractive and decorative doorbell? There is no doubt that they will surely ask you one common question: “from where did you get this cute doorbell?“.

Company’s Coming specializes in decorative doorbell covers. We are sharing details of the 5 best decorative doorbell push buttons today in this article. The 5 pieces that we are going to review today are not doorbell buttons, but they are decorative doorbell covers. It means that they will need to be installed on top of your existing doorbell button. Will be the look of your doorbell button be the same?

Never. It won’t be less than a cosmetic surgery on your door 🙂

Presenting you the 5 most popular decorative doorbell covers made by Company’s Coming. These doorbell covers are beautiful, well built, and sure to stand out from traditional push buttons.

Enjoy the list.

5 Best Decorative Doorbell Covers

DBP-074 Gecko Painted Doorbell Cover by Company’s Coming

How is this? I am sure your visitors will LOVE this lizard-shaped doorbell cover 🙂 In fact, people already love it which is quite evident from the HUGE sales of this unique, stylish doorbell cover.

No wonder, this doorbell cover has been rated 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

This doorbell cover will fit on top of your existing doorbell push button. You will need to take a measurement of the dimensions of your existing doorbell button to match with that of this doorbell cover which measures 4 x 5.8 x 1 inch.

Button provided in this cover has a lighting effect and bright colors on the cover are actually hand painted. The body is made of durable poly-resin.

So, want a refreshing, cute look to your doorbell? What are you waiting for then? All you need to do is quickly measure the dimensions of your existing doorbell and install this stylish doorbell cover on top of it.

Want to buy this online?

Check the availability of this Doorbell cover on Amazon

Turtle Nickel Doorbell Cover by Company’s Coming

This Turtle shaped doorbell cover will make you smile. It is nickel plated and hand painted.

You can fit this doorbell cover on your existing round shaped or rectangular shaped doorbell button.

This doorbell cover measures 4 x 5.8 x 1 inches and one of the fast selling item.

Check full reviews, rating, and price on Amazon

Company’s Coming DBP-029 Seahorse Painted Doorbell Cover

Another creative doorbell cover by the same company. This seahorse-shaped doorbell cover easily fits over your existing round or rectangular doorbell.

The button is lighted, and you will love this attractive example of craftsmanship.

Check full reviews, rating, and price on Amazon

DBP-002 Cat Painted Doorbell Cover

This doorbell cover transforms your existing boring doorbell into a stylish, cute, cat-themed doorbell. Hand-painted in multicolor, it is sure to be LOVED by your visitors.

This doorbell cover measures 3.2 x 2.5 x 0.8 inches and made of durable poly-resin.

Being one of the best rated (Check out full Ratings), this beautiful door chime cover is bound to impress your visitors.

Meow 🙂

Check full reviews, rating, and price on Amazon

Company’s Coming DBP-008 Frog Painted Doorbell Cover

Another cute doorbell cover by Company’s Coming. Like earlier doorbell cover in this article, this one is sure to surprise your visitors with its unique design, lighted button at the middle. It’s well built and easy to install over your existing round or rectangular doorbell.

Check rating, reviews, and price on Amazon

Your Turn

Hope you enjoyed this list of 5 decorative doorbell covers. When are you going to bring the “cuteness” to your existing doorbell?

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