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Our ultimate goal with this website is to help homeowners to choose the best wireless doorbell with our definitive research, comparisons, and wireless doorbell reviews. Why cordless doorbells? Because they have become so much indispensable during recent years that, they have stormed the home automation market segment, making wired doorbells a thing of the past. And why not? No wires, easy installation, and some cool tech behind them such as smartphone integration and smart alerts, it’s all happening there.

However, one thing remains challenging to you as a house owner. How to find the right wireless doorbell? It’s so easy to get lost in the sea of products (both online and offline) and pick a wrong product.

There are varieties of cordless door chimes available in the market today ranging from low priced ones to expensive ones. But it’s not just the price that acts as a differentiating factor, but various other important aspects such as range of doorbell, volume settings, and some chime sounds need to be considered when choosing an appropriate doorbell system for your house.

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From a humble beginning, this site has gained incredible viewership and garnered love and trust among readers who are seeking precise information about wireless doorbells, home security, doorbell reviews or latest trends happening home security space.

Our website registers thousands of visits every month from people all over the world.

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We publish how-to-guides, wireless doorbell reviews, wireless video doorbell reviews, and doorbell comparisons on this site. The site also has a dedicated section for home security which has useful content about wireless home safety and home automation.

Periodically, we also publish round-up posts to keep our readers aligned with the latest trends.

Best Wireless Doorbells – Our Editor’s Top 10 Picks (2020 Edition)

Last updated: 04-Jan-2020

There is a huge selection of doorbells available for you either online or at your nearest tools shop, it could be quite tricky to pick up a piece that exactly meets your requirements. Our team has come up with a list of  Top 10 Wireless Doorbells that are carefully hand-picked, based on various review parameters/metrics. This ranking is based on the in-depth research/analysis about various brands and the features that these door chimes were offering.

Image Description Our Score   Amazon Price
backpac Ring Video Wi-Fi Doorbell

This is a WIFI Video doorbell and offers great features for monitoring door using smartphone
9.2 Check Price
backpac Honeywell RCWL330A1000/N P4-Premium Doorbell

Supports a range of 450 ft. Has 6 chime sounds and 6 visual alerts
9.1 Check Price
cordlessblower SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell

Very economically priced supports a range of 500ft. Has 50 inbuilt chimes
8.9 Check Price
cordlessblower Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Wireless Door Chime

Supports 250ft of range and has 3 chime sounds. 3 Visual alerts.
8.7 Check Price
cordlessblower Honeywell RCWL3501A1004/N Decor Wireless Door Chime

Very stylish doorbell. Has a range of 450ft and comes with 6 chime sound options.
8.6 Check Price
cordlessblower Honeywell RCWL251A1005/N Decor Wireless Door Chime

Has a range of 450ft and comes with 6 chime sound options.
8.6 Check Price
cordlessblower Wireless Doorbell – By Jacob Jensen

A premium product with a range of 450ft and support for hearing disabled.
8.5 Check Price
cordlessblower SadoTech Modern Series G Wireless Doorbell

Low priced wireless doorbell with 500 ft range and 50 chime sounds
8.3 Check Price
cordlessblower Aerb Premium Portable Wireless Door Bell Chime

A long operating range of 1000ft is the highlight of this doorbell.
8.2 Check Price
cordlessblower Honeywell RCWL3506A1003/N Decor Wireless Door Chime

Another winning wireless doorbell with 450ft of range and 6 chime tunes.
8.0 Check Price

Want to See Feature-wise Comparison? – Here is our Doorbell Comparison Chart

To help you to choose a good wireless doorbell, we have created a comparison tool which helps you to see and compare various aspects of a cordless doorbell and take a decision which one to go for.

There are seven columns in this tool

  • Product name and model (Click to see more detail or to buy)
  • Operating Range – This is the distance that the doorbell can cover in your house
  • Number of Chimes – Number of sounds that your doorbell can play
  • Dimensions – Of both ringer and chimes
  • Visual Alert – Does your doorbell has blinking light when someone rings?
  • Rating – Average rating from users can help you to know about customer satisfaction
  • Price – Price for the doorbell. Please note that these prices change frequently based on promotions, availability, etc.

Wireless Doorbell Reviews – Exploring the Top 10

To ease your selection of a good wireless doorbell, we are helping you with our team’s mini-reviews of the top picks by our Editorial team. We recommend you to go through the full reviews of these products on our website and make an informed decision.

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Let’s start out with this top class video doorbell which leverages your home’s Wi-Fi signal and connects to your smartphone regardless of whether you are playing on a beach or sitting in the office.

Created by Ring, this doorbell alerts you on your smartphone when someone rings this doorbell at your door. It just doesn’t alert, it allows the visitor to speak, and you can respond back to using your smartphone.

How cool is that?

Called Doorbot earlier (we had reviewed it then here), makers of these products have gone to great lengths to improvise and better the product in various aspects. Ring also has the latest version called Ring Doorbell Pro (read our review).

Costing around $200, this may not be one of the cheapest wireless doorbells out there, but the value you get out of this product easily justifies the price. Again, it’s just one-time investment towards home security.

Find out more about this doorbell, check our this and this article.

SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell

We are quite surprised by the popularity this particular cute looking product has gained over last year. It has done tremendously well in a competitive space which was dominated by Honeywell, GE and Heath Zenith.

Priced quite aggressively (under $20), this wireless door chime boasts some of the best features, such as a 500 ft operating range, 50 chime tunes, and battery-less functioning of the receiver.

No wonder, it rocks with favorable customer reviews online. We had published a review of this model on our site here, and it appeared in many round-up posts later on and still continues to garner more love and positive ratings.

Fits nicely into your budget, you can surely give a try this cute, powerful wireless doorbell.

Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Portable Wireless Door Chime

Replace the generic doorbell ring with a chime tune that suits your individual lifestyle with this modern and attractive device.

Honeywell RCWL300A P3 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime is compatible with a broad range of optional security accessories that can help you safeguard your home and family, and it comes complete with a pre-programmed bell push button.

This door chime has a clever wire-free design with push-button that is compatible with motion detectors and transmitters. This doorbell has three individual chime tunes and has a working range of 225 foot.

As an additional feature, you also get a flashing notification whenever someone rings the bell. Isn’t it cool?

This doorbell can be set up very quickly and blends with your home’s decor nicely. With the added features such as compatibility with home security equipment makes this door chime a must-buy.

Honeywell RCWL330A1000/N P4-Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime

This doorbell is quite advanced, and with six chime tune options and security compatibility, one can be quite sure that this door chime excels in various departments such as operating range, visual alerts, and design.

RCWL330A produces a CD-quality sound and its volume is adjustable.

Flash notification is of great advantage especially if you have someone in your house with hearing loss or in a situation where loud noise exists. Again, flash notification is controllable; you can turn it on or off depending on your convenience. A sleeping baby is a good reason to turn this flashing light on and disable the sound chime 🙂

This chime works with up to 6 transmitters, allowing you to connect a single chime to 6 push button which can be located in various sections of your house.

Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell

We have picked up this doorbell owing to two reasons despite the fact that it costs almost 4 or 5 times than the popular doorbells out there.

First reason being, Jacob Jensen is not merely a doorbell, it can be your style statement. With its award-winning design, it stands out from the rest of the products out there for sure.

The second reason being, it’s not just about the looks, this doorbell has some of the coolest features as well.

It has an excellent operating range of 450 ft which is quite sufficient to cover most of the home dimensions when it comes to the frequency range.

One of its premium features left us pretty much impressed, such as –  this doorbell boasts a particular frequency chime tune, made specifically for people with hearing disabilities. Adding to the same topic, a flashlight makes sure that people at home can attend to the visitors even though the doorbell sound is not active (example situations: a sleeping baby that doesn’t want to be disturbed or people with hearing problems).

Read our Detailed Review of Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell

Honeywell RCWL3501A1004/N Decor Wireless Door Chime

We have added this product to our top list of wireless door chimes because of its perfect blend of aesthetic beauty and functional performance. Honeywell RCWL3501a1004/N graces your door with its decor look.

Speaking of functional aspects, it’s not lagging behind other leading models from Honeywell. This doorbell kit has an operating range of 450 feet and works wirelessly.

This device also integrates with home security accessories such as motion detectors, door contacts. You can pair this with 6 chime buttons in case you want this to be a receiver for different doors at your home.

You can select from 6 chime tunes, and the product offers CD-quality sound output.

Overall, we felt that this cute-looking product is a stylish addition to your home decor at the same time you can reap the benefits from a highly functional wireless doorbell kit.

SadoTech G Series Modern Wireless Doorbell

SadoTech stormed the wireless doorbell segment with its low cost, highly efficient doorbells and people seem to be loving them! Most of their products are economical and offer great features as compared to that of Honeywell’s and GE’s premium ones.

This particular model (G-Series) is another excellent example of SadoTech.

G Series looks sleek, elegant and boasts some of the high-end features. This doorbell operates in a wireless mode, supporting a distance of 500 feet.

Users can select from 50 chime tunes. The button provided with this product is rated as weatherproof and withstand harsh temperatures.

On the flip side, you can’t pair this doorbell with multiple buttons (Honeywell’s many products can). However, given the low price, we think this product is a great deal.

Honeywell RCWL251A1005/N Decor Wireless Door Chime

We have another decor wireless door chime in our top 10 list. This model has lots of similarities to RCWL3501A1004/N when it comes to functional aspects, however, differs in look and styling.

It’s designed well, and decor lovers are going to appreciate its elegance. It’s simple and can look beautiful on your door’s wall.

It doesn’t lag behind in performance too. It offers a range of 450 feet, works with 6 push buttons and integrates with home security devices to bring you that peace of mind.

A must buy if you are looking for stylish and efficient wireless door chime kit.

Aerb Premium Wireless Doorbell

Aerb made to our best picks list because of two primary reasons. First being its attractive design (resembling a popular brand in electronics?) and second being its wide coverage aspect making it a long range wireless doorbell, similar to Dacota Alert-DC.

This product supports an operating range of up to 1000 feet, which is a great feature to have in such a low-priced device.

Aerb doorbell also has few nice additional features such as 50+ chime tunes, selectable volume controls and LED flashlights for easy indication.

Installing this product is easy and though it’s not certainly a plug-n-play kind of experience when you try getting this up and running, with the help of set-up manual you should be able to make this work quite quickly.

Long range, low price and plenty of sound tunes secure high marks for this product.

How To Choose the Best Wireless Doorbell System for Your Home?

Let you know that, choosing the right doorbell for your home can be tricky unless you have got complete information about the features that the product is going to offer. Fortunately, you can always go through genuine wireless doorbell reviews to make sure you don’t mess up with your selection. However, to summarize, you need to consider and compare a variety of aspects such as below.

Operating Range

This is probably one of the critical elements you should look for in a decent wireless door chime. Depending on the size and area of your house/office, you should pick the appropriate ranged doorbell. If you have a huge house, it’s advisable that you should go to a long ranged doorbell. Otherwise, you again miss out on important notifications due to signal range issues. If you have a smaller house, then a medium or small range doorbell would do.

Chime Sound Options

Another feature that may make or break the deal! Again, this feature is of personal choice. Some people prefer a single chime sound and not much care about any other options, but many people like to have more chime sound options. So, look for the sound options that the doorbell is going to offer and decide accordingly.

Visual Alerts/ Flashing lights

Check whether the doorbell has visual alerts integrated within it so that when someone rings the bell, you also can see visual signals in the form of flashing light or blinking light. This is particularly useful if there is someone in your house is hearing impaired or you are under noisy circumstances (e.g., Noise during vacuum cleaner, etc.). A paramount feature to look in a doorbell kit.

Dimensions and decor

Based on your preferences, you can choose appropriately sized doorbell. There are plenty of options now available on the market now including a full range of designs. Many door chimes blend well with your home decor.

Ease of installation

Your new doorbell should be easily installable.

Compatibility with other Accessories

With the rise of smart doorbells and Wi-Fi enabled door chimes, it becomes imperative that you need to consider the fact that whether the doorbell you are eyeing can interact with other home security accessories such as door contact, motion detectors, a smartphone, etc.

Is the Doorbell Supports Multiple Push Buttons?

You would want to install multiple push buttons at various doors in your home, in which case you need to select a wireless doorbell kit that supports multiple push buttons. Brands such as Honeywell has a vast choice of such doorbells supporting multiple push buttons.

Low-frequency Tone for Hearing Impaired People

It would be a wise decision to choose a product that has a special frequency tone for people with hearing disabilities. Along with the visual flash alert, a low-frequency tone integrated within the wireless door chime can be useful on many occasions.

Top Brands That Make Great Wireless Doorbells

Brand Name Website Address Product Range Most Popular WDB
Honeywell Doorbells (wired/wireless), Thermostats, Motion Sensors, Home Security Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Portable Doorbell
Ring Video Doorbells, Accessories Ring WiFi Video Doorbell
SadoTech Doorbells, Accessories, Mosquito Bands, First Aid Kits SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell
GE Doorbells and comprehensive range of other product GE 19297 Wireless Doorbell
Doorbells and comprehensive range of bluetooth enabled products Aerb Premium Portable Door bell
August Video Doorbells , Smart Locks , Home Security Accessories August Doorbell Cam
SkyBell Smart Video Doorbells SkyBell Video Doorbell
Zenith Doorbells, Lightings, Video Systems and others Heath/Zenith SL-7366-02 Wireless Plug-In Door Chime Kit
1 By One Doorbells and wide range of home security and home-electronics products 1byone Easy Chime Wireless Doorbell Kit
Jensen Decorative Wireless Doorbells Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell

History of Technology Behind

The Background

Wireless doorbells are a culmination of years of work by scientists, who worked towards making the humble doorbell a little easier to install, a little bit sweeter, and more sophisticated. It all started with door knockers and manual doorbells. These primitive designs required physical strength to use and did not make loud enough sounds. In 1831, when Joseph Henry invented the first electric doorbell, he probably never imagined how his intricate gadget would one day transform into a wireless masterpiece.

As the 1900s approached, electrical transformers began to replace the prohibitively priced batteries used in the doorbells and continue to be used even today. Thanks to the Transformers, the doorbells could get their electric current supply directly from the household wiring. The 1930s was a time of the beautification of the doorbell. During this period, the electric buzzing sound was replaced with pleasant chimes. This was followed by the world wars, which took the wind away from research into this area. Then, the 1950s again saw a surge in demand for better, more beautiful, and sweet-sounding doorbells.

The wired doorbells continued to dominate the market for the next four decades. It was only in the 1990s that the next revolution gripped the doorbell market. The era of wireless door chimes had finally arrived. Wired doorbells are still available on the market. However, equipped with better technology and more variety, wireless door chimes are going to enjoy a monopoly soon shortly.

How Wireless Door buzzers Work?

While the wired doorbells are connected to the electrical system of a home, the wireless doorbells make use of an inbuilt radio transmitter, which is fitted with a battery for power. When a visitor presses the button of a remote doorbell, it sends out a signal to a receiver unit, which has been mounted on the wall inside the house. Once the radio transmission is received by this indoor unit, a sound chip gets activated and produces the preset sound. The loudspeaker present in the setup amplifies the volume of the sound being played for better results.

Since a wireless doorbell transmits signals via radio waves, it is important to eliminate interference from other wireless devices in the vicinity. This can be easily done by the owner, who can set the remote doorbell to different radio frequencies.

With advances in technology, many manufacturers have now released wireless door chime models that can make use of telephone technology to transmit signals to the doorbell. These doorbells not only make you aware of the presence of a guest outside your home but also help you ascertain their identity without you having to open your door. Many models even go a step further and allow their users to remotely open the doors.

Apart from the obvious superiority in technology over wired doorbells, the wireless door chimes have more to offer. They are easy to install, offer multiple sound options, have a longer working range, and more. These are big in functionality and flaunt a modern and compact design. Wireless door chimes are minimalist in approach and are utterly essential for those planning to switch to a smart home.

Latest Trends in Doorbell Space

Like any other consumer products, even wireless doorbells are experiencing a lot of technological advancements. New features and utilities are now integrated within a wireless doorbell itself and thus transforming a doorbell from a simple ‘ding-dong’ chime into a smart doorbell, guarding your home.

We can cite several examples of such innovations. Pebble is a smart doorbell made specifically for dogs. On the other hand, taking advantage of your home’s Wi-Fi signals, there is a surge of wi-fi doorbells (such as DoorBot, SkyBell). These Wi-fi Doorbells can alert you to a video call when someone rings the doorbell at your home (and you are away). You can even respond to them via your phone. Isn’t it great? Don’t forget to read our reviews of the best wi-fi doorbells.

You can also witness that video doorbells that a doorbell camera incorporated within are such handy devices when it comes to home security. To help out folks with hearing disabilities, doorbells integrate a unique sound frequency that can be heard by hearing-impaired people (Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell boasts this feature).

Home decor is not a neglected area when it comes to doorbells. Doorbell designers often create aesthetically appealing doorbell buttons that grace your door with their decorative designs.

Introduction to Home Security

Home security is not new per se. However, the level of sophistication that the current home security automation systems boast is completely justified considering the number of burglary and thefts.

Home security systems come in a different flavor, price range and level of automation.

Subscription Models

Companies like SimpliSafe, Honeywell, Frontpoint are just a few of leading security automation service providers who take care of installing, monitoring and maintenance of your home, thus offering a significant amount of protection to your home.

Self-Monitored Home Security Systems

If you are not keen on spending money on monthly subscriptions for home security monitoring, then no worries.

There are hundreds of wireless security systems and wireless intercom systems to be purchased either from a local electronics store or online. These usually come with monitors that can be under your surveillance. Having said that, adequate research is key to analyze carefully what type of system you need that is unique to your home. Based on your research, the budget can be set aside for obtaining a suitable home protection system.

Smart Locks, CCTV, and Fake Cameras

While we talked about the highly advanced systems in the above section, there are low-cost alternates too for people who need an additional layer of security to their homes.

Thankfully there are ways to experience peace of mind even if you are low on budget. Smart locks are one of the inexpensive ways to have that security to your door. They are keyless entry systems that don’t need a key to unlock your door, instead, a secret code is all you need.

CCTV and fake cameras are old-school (still popular) ways to drive away miscreants around your home when you are at home or away.

Integrated Security Add-ons to Wireless Doorbells

When we talk about vulnerable parts of your house such as windows, doors, and any other outlet points, thankfully there are security integrations developed that can be directly integrated with your  door chime.

Door contacts, motion detectors, doorbells with cameras are some of the examples of such wireless security add-ons.

There are security alarm kits, driveway patrols, and many other low-cost options for securing your home, garage.

A new Paradigm – Smart Home Systems

Seamless internet connectivity and the rise of interconnected devices has given birth to new phenomena called as smart home systems. In this setup, various devices work in harmony to create a cohesive monitored home environment for modern day folks.

Internet and Wi-Fi being core fuel to this kind of applications, there has been enormous development taken place recently and hundreds of innovative smart home products have been released to the market.

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