10 Cheap Wireless Doorbells Under $20

If you are looking for a wireless doorbell that fits into your tight budget, then this article is a must for you. Because we are presenting you the collection of 10 cheap but high-quality wireless doorbells under $20.

Again, these doorbells are picked up on this list based on their features and value for money factor. These door chimes may not offer you advanced features such as wireless home security integration, but they are quite good at their core function of alerting you when someone rings doorbell buzzer at your door. And what’s more, they are shipped to your home for less than $ 20 !!

Some of these doorbells are available in very limited stock on amazon.com. So go through this list, pick up the one you like and place your order without much delay because these door chimes are fast selling.

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10 Cheap (yet good quality) Wireless Doorbells under $20

Please note that, this article was first published during 2013 and the prices mentioned in this article might have gone through changes. 

Honeywell RCWL110A1006/N Wallmount Wireless Door Chime and Push Button

This wireless doorbell is an excellent choice if you have small to the medium-sized house and you can mount this either horizontally or vertically on the wall. With operating range of 120ft, this door chime has 3 chime tunes.

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Honeywell RCWL105A1003/N Plug-in Wireless Door Chime and Push Button

Apart from a decent operating range of 100ft, this door chime has flashing light and audio indicators. There are 3 chime tunes in this unit. Additionally, this door chime prevents interference from others. Quite advanced features for the price. A must buy.

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GE 19209 Wireless Door Chime with Two Push Buttons

This attractive door chime comes with 2 push buttons and operates up to a 150ft range which is great. It also has 7 chime tunes and offers similar interference blocking features of many other doorbells.

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Voye 72-20488 Wireless Remote Control Doorbell with 10 Different Chimes

Voye wireless doorbell offers quite a handful of features for such a low price. A good operating range of 250ft, 10 chime tune selection options are the highlight of this elegant looking doorbell.

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Innoo Tech**New 1 Remote Control 2 Wireless Digital Doorbell Door Bell with 36 Tune Melody

Innoo Tech doorbell impresses you it’s small size, ease of installation and 36 chime tune melodies. Operating range is great compared to earlier models in this list and avoids false rings since the chime unit has anti-interference system inbuilt.

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GE 19230 Two Tone Wireless Door Chime

GE 19230 looks very elegant in design and works up to 150ft range. It has interference blocking features as well and very easy to install.

A best buy.

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32 Melody Wireless Doorbell

This wireless doorbell leaves you with plenty of choices when it comes to doorbell sounds, 32 sounds to select from. There is support for hearing impaired people as well. Like other wireless doorbells, this unit is also easy to install and covers good range in your house.

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Wireless Doorbell Indoor 100ft Range, Battery Operated

This is a great choice for you if you want a budget wireless doorbell with good range. This chime unit works up to 100ft and suitable for small to medium-sized houses.

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GE 19234 1 Button, Plug-Inch, Single Sound Wireless Door Chime

This one is from GE, a world leader in lighting and electric equipment.This door chime has an operating range of 150ft which is quite good and since this is a wireless doorbell, you don’t have to worry about doorbell wiring.

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GE 19240 Beltclip, LED Light Wireless Portable Door Chime

Another great buy GE. This doorbell unit has 8 unique chime sounds and covers the 150ft range. This unit also has a LED light indicator. With a beautiful black color and simple design, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

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Hope you enjoyed this collection of wireless doorbells for under $20. You can read in detail reviews of wireless doorbells on this blog or need more information to decide which doorbell to buy, check the Wireless Doorbell Buying Guide page.

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