5 Top Reasons Why People Are Unhappy With Their Current Wireless Doorbell

You wouldn’t disagree with me with the fact that doorbell chimes are an integral part of everyone’s house unless they live in an isolated bamboo-made house in the middle of a deep forest 🙂

Having said this, there are many instances when people either regret their purchase of their current door chime or are unhappy with the features of the device.

Though there can be many reasons for their disappointment with the door chime, in most of the cases it’s the lack of “basic” or “must-have” features that is the reason for disappointment. So what are the these reasons?

In this post, we are covering top 5 reasons why people end of buying a wrong door chime. Let’s begin.

1. Inadequate range coverage

One of the main reasons why people are unhappy with their wireless door chime is it’s inability of covering adequate range of the house when it comes to signal reception (Note that wireless door chimes work based on transmission and reception of signals).

Deciding about what range you expect from the door chime is most important decision to make while buying a door chime. People often get carried away by the look and feel of the door chime and forget to pay attention to the range it is covering. It’s only when they install this door chime at their home, they start noticing that the doorbell doesn’t cover required area of their house. The coverage issue arises generally when the house is of moderate to large in size and the door-chime offers operating range of less than 150ft.

Again, don’t just go by operating range of the doorbell which is mentioned in the specification of the product, because what really matters is the practical range of the door chime which would be less than operating range due to interferences of walls and design of house. So always keep in mind these differences and decide accordingly.

When the doorbell doesn’t cover all the areas of house, then it becomes a biggest limitation of the product. It’s quite natural that you start feeling that it’s an useless purchase you made.

2. Lack of volume adjustment options

This is another important feature which are overlooked by many. I would prefer, a door chime must have at least 2 volume adjustment options (high and low) so that you can set it up based on the situations. Lack of these options makes the device unsuitable for some conditions and you will be left with only one volume option – either very loud sound or very low sound.

3. Lack of visual indicators

Nowadays most wireless doorbell chimes come with some kind of visual indicators or flashlight alerts along with sound options. This helps when someone rings the bell, a flashing light indicates that someone is at the door. Having this feature integrated into your door chime particularly helps in various situations such as when you are in the middle of noisy tasks, a sleeping baby who doesn’t want to be disturbed by door chime sound, or if someone in your house is hearing impaired. Imagine how much use the visual alerts will be in these kinds of situations. Look at this amazing wireless door chime from Honeywell which offers 6 visual indicators.

Lack of these features will end up making you unhappy sooner or later. Again, it’s situation specific and budget dependent. If you feel you don’t need to have this feature, then you can always skip this point.

4. Lack of frequency blocking options

This feature falls under technical area. Since wireless door bell chimes work based upon the frequency interchanges between transmitter and receiver, it can very well happen that your door chime starts responding to some one else doorbell (neighbors). Imagine the consequences. You start opening the door every now and then thinking that someone is at your door !!

To avoid this situation, the door chime should have frequency blocking features to avoid the interferences from neighboring doorbell push buttons.

Frequency blocking option is a must have feature which you would have missed to ask for in your current door chime purchase.

5. No support for multiple doorbell buttons

People often end up buying a door chime that doesn’t support multiple doorbell push buttons. How does it affect you?

It means you can use your door chime for responding to door push button at a single door. However, you may want to have door bell push buttons fitted at few other doors as well. With your current doorbell unit, you are stuck with a limitation of having door chime which is not being able to support more than one push button.

Again. this is a very important feature people should consider while buying a wireless door chime. Consider buying a wireless door chime that supports more than one push button so that you would benefit from it in improving your overall home security system.

Your Turn

Hope you found this article useful and points from this post would help you to avoid some common mistakes while buying the right door chime for your house.

This blog has some great resources that can help you in getting the right wireless door chime for your house. Check out the in-depth reviews of some great wireless door chimes to see and pick up a doorbell that suits your needs. I am sure you will find the one that suits you best for your home from this list 🙂

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