Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell Review – Truly Premium

In today’s review of Jacob Jensen’s wireless doorbell, we are diving deep into various aspects of this elegant, stylish product and also look at few premium aspects of it. We will also share if the product has any shortcomings so that you can make an informed decision on if this is the right doorbell for your home.

Why wireless doorbell? The reason is simple. A wireless doorbell is easy to set up, install and can be connected with multiple doorbell buttons. It also offers additional features such as integration with home security accessories.

What’s more, you get lots of choices when it comes to doorbell sounds. There are many doorbell chimes which come with visual alerts as well.

Considering above reasons, it makes sense that people are fast switching to wireless doorbells.

Our Review of Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell

While most of the doorbells are cheaper, and their average price varies between $30 to 100$ in the market, wireless doorbell by Jacob Jensen seems bit expensive, but surely stands out from rest of the doorbells because of its unique design and impressive build quality.

Jacob Jensen Design specializes in Industrial design, and you can read more interesting details about them here.

Coming back to this piece of work from Jacob Jensen, this doorbell measures 8.7 x 8.7 x 2 inches and sports a very elegant design. It features 5 unique, high-quality polyphonic doorbell sounds. People who like to experiment with various tunes would surely go to like this. A particular low-frequency tune is provided in the product specially made for hearing-impaired individuals. Volumes are adjustable to low, high or off modes.

Also, there is an illuminating light both on the bell as well as the push button which illuminates whenever someone rings the bell or if there is a low battery indication.

This chime offers complete flexibility when it comes to installation part. You can mount it either on the wall or keep it in free standing position.

Although one bell push button is included in the package when you buy this unit, you can connect unlimited bell pushes to this unit, and each bell push button can be assigned individual doorbell sound to identify which doorbell is ringing. Isn’t is something great! That’s where premium features of this unit impress you.

With the purchase of this unit, you get batteries that last long so that you don’t have a worry about replacing batteries now and then.

Chime Specifications

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Operating Range
Suitable for small to medium-sized homes
No Of Chime Tunes
5 including 1 for hearing impaired
Décor (Body) Plastic  
Home Security Features Works with unlimited push buttons    
Visual Alerts Yes – Ringing alert and low battery indicator    
Size 8.7 x 8.7 x 2 inches    
White and gray

Why is This Popularity Despite its Heavy Price Tag?

Design and Decor

Being an award-winning designer group, Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell scores heavily in the design and decor department. We have already featured this doorbell in our earlier post – 10 Decorative Wireless Doorbells to Make Your Home Look More Attractive

There is no doubt that, one can witness the great example of fine craftsmanship in this device. The doorbell has a simple, yet contemporary design which is appealing to your eyes. There are small illuminating lights provided on both chime and push bell. Needless to mention that illuminating lights can be very useful in case anyone in your home is hearing impaired or you want to keep chime in silent mode and see the notifications when someone is at your door.

Well done Jacob Jensen! We adore the looks of this doorbell.

Core Features

Let’s discuss the basic features this doorbell has to offer.

Operating Range

This wireless doorbell has an operating of 450ft, which means it’s good enough to cover your small to medium-sized house/office. Adequate range coverage is considered as one of the vital parameters to look for while buying a wireless doorbell.

Jacob Jensen does a good job here.

Multiple Chime Tunes

This doorbell provides you options of 6 unique doorbell sounds which are of high quality and polyphonic in nature.

Flexibility of Mounting

This door chime can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.

Ease of Installation

Being “wireless” in nature, you can quickly setup and install this door chime in minutes. We have grabbed a video which shows how easy to setup and install this doorbell.

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Features That Make This door chime a “Premium” Choice

Now let’s discuss the additional features of this wireless doorbell that make this device stand apart from the rest.

Support for Multiple Push Buttons

This doorbell works with any number of push buttons. That means you can install additional push bells at different doors and the chime responds to each of them.  However, you will need to buy extra push bells for this.

Support for Multiple Receivers

Additional chime receivers also can be configured with this device. A useful feature to have, a special especially if you have a big house and want a separate chime unit for each room.

Special Chime Tune for Hearing Impaired

This wireless door unique low-frequency chime tune suitable for people with hearing problems. We felt that this is really a very useful feature to have and has practical benefits.

Long Lasting Batteries

Jacob Jensen says that the batteries provided with the chime unit easily last for 2 years, which means no more headaches of replacing batteries very often.

Interference Blocking

There is a special coding system which ensures that no other nearby devices interfere with this device.

How Much This Doorbell Costs?

Coming to its price, Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell does cost you almost 3 times more than a popular wireless doorbell such as  RCWL35050A. It may not be a good choice if you are looking for a wireless doorbell within a tight budget. It is definitely expensive.

Having said that, people LOVE this wireless doorbell because of its special features, contemporary design, and solid build quality.

If you are one of those who don’t want to compromise on quality and features, Jacob Jensen Doorbell can be a great choice.

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