A Wireless Doorbell With Flashing Light – It’s More Useful Than You Thought

These days, people hate any noise, be it emerging from their home doorbell. Though a wireless doorbell is a very much essential device which provides various utilities and adds to the comfort of modern day households, noise is still a noise.

Innovative Doorbells with Flashing Light

A wireless doorbell with light is a great innovation; that helps people to benefit from doorbell without being tortured by high-sounding chime tunes.

Turning off the irritating chime tune specifically helps people who work/operate from the comfort of their homes. More on the Benefits, later in this article.

A Wireless doorbell with light simply replaces the sound with a light/illumination and significantly decreases the number of missed visitors by alerting you through a flashing light.

These types of doorbells have become more popular over the years, and lots of folks are finding these beneficial.

A Bit About Wireless Doorbells

Before we jump into the discussion on how a doorbell with flashing light is ideal for you, let’s recap how a wireless doorbell is radically different from traditionally wired doorbells.

First things first, there are no wires in a cordless doorbell. It works with batteries and very easy to install. As there are no wires, you can move it freely around your home. You can take the doorbell with you even when you shift your home to a new location.

No wonder more and more people are replacing their traditional doorbells with wireless doorbells.

Using wireless doorbell is very easy. They transmit a radio signal from the door to the receiver that is located inside a home. Some systems have a sensor which detects sound or movement happening outside the door and signals the system inside. Some have a video camera or intercom facility which permits the homeowner to see or speak to the visitor without opening a door.

In a nutshell, wireless doorbells provide much-needed security to the households.

Advantages of Having Flashing light in a Wireless Doorbell

Here are some main advantages of wireless doorbell with flashing light

  • No more irritating sounds – It replaces the sound with a flashing light.
  • Sleeping babies – A flashing light becomes an extremely useful feature when you have an infant/child at your home, and by turning off the chime sound and enabling the flashing light, you are certain that you don’t miss out on any visitors.
  • Old aged people -Old age people and for people with sensitivity to high sounds, a doorbell with illumination becomes a boon.
  • Individuals with Hearing Problems – People with hearing loss can’t hear the sound of a door chime, a flashing light allows them to respond to visitors who are at the door.
  • Easy installation – Be it any wireless doorbell, installation is very easy as there is no wire in it.
  • Fewer chances of missing visitors –  By setting up the flashing light in an appropriate place, it reduces the likelihood of missing visitors at your door.
  • Portable – You can quickly move a cordless chime from a location to another in your home.
  • Affordable – Cordless chimes with light are pretty affordable just like regular ones.


As there are so many companies in the market which offer a different type of doorbells, you have many options to choose now.

However, before choosing a doorbell for your home, always make a comparison of few best-rated doorbell models and make an informed decision. This will help you save time as well as money.

Honeywell has some great wireless doorbells with flashing lights. RCWL330A1000/N P4 Portable Doorbell is one such model which is hugely popular among people. Read our full review here.

Your Turn

Hope you have learned about few facts about why people nowadays prefer an illuminated doorbell. It makes sense to spend few extra bucks on a device that enhances your comfortableness at home and brings additional peace of mind.

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