5 Best Personal Security Alarm Kits That Don’t Put a Dent in Your Pocket

Looking to enhance the security of your home without having to spend a fortune on security systems? A security alarm remains one of the cheapest ways to ascertain a decent level of security.

Personal security alarm kits are crucial in this day and age to keep us and our belongings safe from unwanted intruders.  As robbers and other harmful people get more advanced, we have to make sure our security alarms do as well.  The problem is as they get more advanced, they get more expensive, so many of us cannot afford a good, solid security alarm system that is so important.

We have picked up 5 best personal security alarm kits that work great and doesn’t cost much.

Here is a list of cheap personal security alarm systems that are all under $30, bringing you that peace of mind and comfort.

Prices mentioned in this post are at the time of publishing this article. If you are reading the post now, the price might vary depending upon offers and availability.

Looking for enhancing the security of your home? Choosing a security alarm is one of the cheapest ways to do so.

Reviews of 5 Best Personal Security Alarm Kits

1. GE Personal Security Alarm Kit

The first one is GE Personal Security Alarm Kit, which is a low-priced personal security alarm kit that is easy to install.  There is no wiring needed in this kit, which is a plus for many families.  The door alarm has a four-digit keypad which will help you choose a security code to set up and turn off the system.

There is an alarm delay feature, and that make sure that there are no false triggers that will unnecessarily scare you.  There are three independent units to put on other windows or doors for added safety.  This is a small, easy to use unit that will be a very good idea for parents and children alike.

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The alarm is 120 dB and should be plenty loud to be heard without ripping your ears off, which is always a plus.  This is a great small option for those who are not entirely sure if they will use the system, and want to have a smaller version first without putting money into it.

2. 1byone Safety Driveway Patrol Infrared Wireless Home Security Alert Alarm System Kit

This one is a more advanced alarm system for a low price.  This one features a sensor that will detect people and cars that are 20 m away from the receiver and can send a signal back to the other receiver which can be up to 100 m away from the first one.

If you have multiple buildings on your property that you want to protect, this is a great system.  Because it has a sensor, this is a very secure system that does not rely only on a door or window being opened.  It will necessarily detect the danger before it can get to your door.  This is the weatherproof system and has a long battery life.

With a year-long warranty and the option to choose the volume of the alarm, this is a great personalised system that will keep you and your loved ones very safe.

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3. SABRE Home Series Alarm Set

We have another inexpensive option, which comes at an excellent price. This, like the first model, is 120 dB and has a keypad for a door or window alarm, with three more additional alarms.  This is a great model for a home,  office, or apartment.

This model also helps prevent false triggering with exit and entry delays, which is an excellent feature that is available in this cheap alarm system.

This does not require any wiring and installs only in a couple of minutes.  For those who are looking for instant results,  this is a great and even attractive model.  You will have to make sure that you keep an eye on the batteries, as it takes three AAA’s.  This is a sleek and modern security option that is very affordable.

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4. Skylink HA-434RTL Long Range Motion Alert Kit

For cheap security option that is high-tech, there is the Skylink Motion Alert Kit. Though it’s very affordable when it comes to price, it has all sorts of unique features that’ll make this a worthwhile and very reassuring purchase. First off, this is a motion detecting unit, and it has the range of 40 feet while also have an operating range of 800 feet.

This also has two different functions to the traditional one option in the security unit.  Best of all, it is a regular alarm that will go off when needed. However, there is also the additional feature that will alert you of any movement in the location in which you place your sensor.

There are audio and visual alerts that will tell you where the motion is and how far away it is.  This additional feature makes this a very worthwhile purchase for someone who wants that kind of security.

One last extra bonus is the fact that this will detect when it’s low on battery, so you don’t have to do it manually.

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5. Doberman Security Window/Door System

Lastly, there is the Doberman. This is a model that wins your heart because of its simplicity.  Installation is as simple as peeling and sticking the monitor where you want to go.

There are three different modules that you can stick to in various locations to keep you safe.  Though it may not have any high-tech options like the other models, it is guaranteed to work based on the fact that it keeps things simple.

It keeps you safe by using old tried and tested methods that are guaranteed to work no matter what happens.  Perhaps the best part of this model is it’s cheap and best personal security alarms out there.

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Wrapping Up

Each one of these systems has different features to offer each family in particular.  If you are one that likes a high-tech option perhaps one of those would be the best one.  If you’re just looking for a system to get your feet wet in the world of personal security systems, perhaps one of the cheaper ones would do just as well until you decide if you like them.  Whatever your choice might be, these are five of the best options that you will find that will not break the bank, and still do their job 🙂

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