Battle of Two Top Wi-Fi Smart Doorbells – Ring Video Doorbell (Formerly Doorbot) v/s SkyBell Wi-Fi Doorbell

A doorbell has become very common in almost all household. But a smart doorbell that has a camera, motion sensing and can connect to your phone through a Wi-Fi is just WOW!

There are plenty of products available in the market when it comes to Wi-Fi enabled smart doorbells. However, two of those models are leading the race there. We decided to pick them and compare them feature-by-feature, spec-by-spec.

If you are on the edge of deciding about which doorbell to choose among the above two, this post should help you.

DoorBot (Ring) v/s SkyBell – The Face-off


Ring Video Doorbell (Formerly DoorBot)

The ring has a sleek yet elegant look. It comes with a 180-degree HD camera near the top. The doorbell button is inside a blue ring that lights up when pressed. It can be connected to the existing doorbell for power and ringing the bell.


The SkyBell looks more like a webcam with its round shape and inbuilt camera. On the face of the doorbell are the camera lens, an infra-red night vision LED, a motion sensor and a backlit ring button.

Below the button is a speaker and also a microphone. It can be powered by connecting to your existing doorbell transformer. The doorbell is sturdy and designed for outdoor use.

Audio and Video

Ring Video Doorbell

The lens is a ‘Fish Eye’ lens covering a wide angle. The camera eye is surrounded by a LED ring for night vision, and so this camera can work in night mode as well. There is a speaker at the bottom for you to communicate with the visitor at the door. Though the audio is two way, the video is one way.


The camera comes with a 140-degree lens for wide-angle viewing. Though you can’t expect HD quality video, the output is decent enough to recognize who is at the door! The video quality at night is also nice with the infrared sensors.

The speaker and a microphone below the ringer button let you converse with the person at the door very clearly. Apart from this, you can also monitor your entryway any time (even when there is no visitor). There is an option to remotely turn on the video camera and monitor from your smartphone/tablet.

You can even get a snapshot of the visitor from your smartphone remotely.

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Ring Video Doorbell

Setting up the Ring is relatively straightforward. You need to make sure the unit is fully charged. Once charged it lasts for almost a year. In the meantime download the App from the App Store. Once done, you are ready to connect the device to your home network.

The app will locate the device and pair with it after you provide it with the Wi-Fi password. That’s it! But then you need to mount the unit over where your doorbell is or at a convenient location. The accessories for mounting are provided with the kit.


The installation is pretty simple and straightforward. The installation kit comes with mounting screws and three base plates for various mounting applications (flush, wedge, and door-frame). It also contains a small Allen wrench for securing the device to the mounting plate. Mounting the unit on the wall could be a little tricky as there is little room between the mount and the central piece of the unit.

The installation guide helps you do it easily. You can even use SkyBell’s site for the installation and troubleshooting tips.

The App

Ring Video Doorbell

The App for your smartphone is free which lets you access the features of this doorbell. All the video footage and audio gets recorded in the cloud and can be played back anytime in future.

Once you set up the app, you are ready to use the Ring.

When a visitor comes to your door and rings the bell, you will get a notification on your smartphone. You can either accept or reject it. If you accept it, a live video streaming is initiated, and you can see what’s happening there at your door. The visitor cannot see your video. You can even begin an audio conversation with the guest. You can choose to mute the sound.

The ring also lets you authorize other people to answer your door. The other user needs to download the app, and you just need to use the feature in your app to authorize the other user with a different mail id. This is particularly helpful when both you and your spouse want to keep a watch on your door!


It’s easy to get yourself equipped with the App. You need to download the SkyBell app to your phone/tablet. Create an account on SkyBell with your username, email id, and password. Next, you need to connect your app to Wi-Fi network by providing the Wi-Fi Password.

Once you connect the SkyBell unit to the home network, you need to pair the device with your smartphone using the device ID. Now you are all set to secure your home with this smart doorbell.

The device settings in the app, let you enable motion detection, turn the chime on and off, and view live video without waiting for a doorbell call or motion trigger.

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Ring Video Doorbell

The audio and video quality are quite good. The 720p resolution gives you a clear video. The unit needs a pretty good Wi-Fi connection to be able to perform. The notification on the phone can be received anywhere. It lets you keep a watch on your door even when you are not at home. Though there is a slight lag in the notification, it is not a deal breaker.

The latest addition to motion sensing feature is well appreciated. It lets you select the zones where you need the sensing, making it more efficient.


SkyBell has a very responsive push alert and a good video feed. Though the resolution of 640×480 is not that high, you can expect a decent and steady video to recognize as to who is at the door.  The night mode is a plus and lets you keep a watch on the door at night. The two-way audio conversations between the smartphone and the doorbell are loud and clear.

The motion sensor is a new feature which triggers the system to turn on. SkyBell needs to improve on a few things, though! For example, they do not have the feature to record the calls, or the motion triggered events. The cloud storage is on their roadmap, and we can expect this feature soon.


Ring Video Doorbell

About $199.00 at the time of publishing ( Check the latest price on Amazon)


About $199.00 at the date of posting ( Check the latest price on Amazon )


Ring Video Doorbell

  • Good audio/video quality with active noise cancellation.
  • Two-way audio and one-way video streaming.
  • Notifications on to your phone when someone rings the bell.
  • Cloud recording helps access the video on any tab/phone.
  • Built for outdoor conditions like heat, rain and snow.
  • Battery charge lasts for a year.
  • Can sync an unlimited number of smartphones/tablets.


  • The reliable video feeds on Wi-Fi and 4G network.
  • Push notification is almost instant.
  • IR illumination makes the doorbell work well even at night.
  • No monthly/annual fee for the service.
  • Can sync unlimited number of smartphones/tablets
  • Option to mute the doorbell chime remotely; if you do not want to be disturbed with doorbell instead, you just get the notifications on the phone.
  • Built for outdoor conditions like heat, rain and snow.


Ring Video Doorbell

  • Wi-Fi range is very short(approx. 30 feet)
  • Lag in notifications.
  • With the high-resolution videos, there are chances of choppy videos.
  • False alarms due to motion sensors.
  • No setting to temporarily disable interior doorbell sound.
  • You need to pay a monthly/annual fee to use the cloud storage


  • The video lacks detailing and colour accuracy.
  • Can’t save the video segments as there is no concept of cloud storage.
  • Motion sensor triggers after 10 seconds. Though this is to avoid false alarms, you can miss the delivery guy rushing away.
  • The unit needs to be powered by a doorbell transformer.


These two smart doorbells are great additions to the smart homes. They bring to you the simplicity of the doorbell and security for your home and loved ones.

Both of them fare well in the department and have few cons as well. They are equally priced. Interestingly both of the doorbells are revamped recently (Ring was called as DoorBot earlier) and SkyBell released its latest version 2.0 (Read our review of old model).

We felt SkyBell Wi-Fi Doorbell has a little edge over Ring since its notifications to the mobile are instant and no lags.It also has Infra-red illumination which enables it to work even during the night.

Hope you enjoyed this post and see you again in our next article.

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