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Loss of hearing can be devastating and paralyze your normal life to a considerable extent. Hearing loss also puts you in certain risky situations such as being not able to hear sounds of vehicles when you are walking on the road and many such scenarios which you don’t like particularly to deal with. One of such common issues you will be battling when you are at home is not being able to listen to a doorbell sound. Which means you would miss many visitors who are at the door and could cause confusion to the people, eventually misinterpreting that there’s no one at home (especially the first time visitors).Now, when it comes to dealing with doorbell sounds while you are at home, technology is not lagging much behind. Innovative doorbells have been developed to help people with hearing disabilities. If you are looking for a doorbell for hearing the impaired person, this post would be useful to you. Because we are sharing good information about how technology has enabling people to listen using specialized doorbells for deaf people. Take a look at our top 10 picks and hope our picks resonate with your needs.

10 Top Doorbells for Hearing Impaired

We have not just picked a random doorbell with a flashing light to feature them in this list, but spent hours carefully observe the specific features and classify the products that TRULY assist you in case you are hearing impaired.
Image Name Features Check Price
backpac Security2020 WC180 Wireless Door Chime * Bright LED Strobe light

* 150ft Range

* Support to multiple
On Amazon
backpac Anpress 7 Wireless Doorbell Kit * Flashing lights with 7

* 50 meter range

* Melodies can be
On Amazon
cordlessblower Safeguard Supply Wireless Doorbell * 1000 ft range

* Loud sounds

* Flashing lights
On Amazon
cordlessblower Fosmon WaveLink 51007HOM * 400 ft range

* Flashing LED lights

* Motion sensors
On Amazon
cordlessblower INNLIFE Waterproof Chime Kit * 1000 ft range

* 36 melodies

* Flash lights 
On Amazon
cordlessblower Ausun W3 Portable Doorbell Kit
* Strobe light

* 900 ft range

* 52 chime tunes
On Amazon
cordlessblower SadoTech Flashing Wireless Doorbell * Vibrating receiver

* 500 ft range

* Flash lights 
On Amazon
cordlessblower Guestway Portable Wireless Doorbell * 1000 ft range

* Loud adjustable

* Rebar feature
On Amazon
cordlessblower Fosmon 51006HOM Wireless Doorbell * Vibrating receiver

* Flashing LED lights
On Amazon
cordlessblower Homasy Wireless Doorbell Kit * LED Lights

* 600 ft range
On Amazon

Reviews of Top 5 Doorbells for People Hard of Hearing – Deep Insights

1. Security2020 WC180 Wireless Door Chime

Starting the list with this user-friendly product that topped out chart because of two main reasons. It’s specifically useful for hearing disabled people and it’s handy in noisy areas.Security2020 WC180 is a wireless doorchime that’s capable of supporting an operating range of 150 ft and very easy to install and setup.

It provides a 10-second flash (20 LED flashes) when someone presses the button at the door, hence alerting you during your busy schedule. pretty smart and effective. It’s not super expensive to buy and won’t drill a hole in your pocket.

WC180 can be extended by adding multiple push buttons and chimes as well for covering multiple doors at home. Having this extension feature, you don’t have to buy separate products for guarding each door. Owing to these attributes, WC180 turns out to be one of the ideal doorbells for people hard of hearing.

>> Check Price of WC180 on Amazon <<

2. Anpress 7 Wireless door chime

Another excellent product that we shortlisted for this compilation is the Anpress 7. Being very inexpensive product, it delivers much more functionality for its price. It looks super cute and compact and can be very decorative to be kept in any room of your home.

Anpress 7 is a loud wireless doorbell that comes with 7 color lantern lights that can be changed as per your taste and choice. It’s also a portable door chime which, you can carry around your home as per convenience. A flashing light makes sure you won’t miss any visitor at the door even if you are hard of hearing.

You can choose from various operating modes and the product is easy to install and use. One downside can be its limited operating range of 30-50 meters. Again, it’s a subjective feature to look at, based on the dimensions and size of your home.

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3. Safeguard Supply Wireless Doorbell

Boasting an unconventional look for a doorbell, Safeguard supply’s product looks more like a home security equipment. However, it’s a great option to choose considering the features it provides for the less fortunate people, who are battling a hearing loss.

It has an outstanding transmission range of 1000 ft and has a flashing light for alerting. It also comes with an adjustable control which you can configure for sounds up to 90 dbs. you get to choose from 18 melodies according to your taste.

It’s also rugged in design and can withstand harsh outside conditions, making it a versatile product to be used in most of the weather conditions.

>> Check Full User reviews, Rating and Price of Safeguard Doorbell on Amazon <<

4. Fosmon WaveLink 51007HOM Door Chime

Fosman 51007HOM has got some great reviews online. And why not? It’s super cheap, got some cool features and most importantly a perfect pick for hearing disabled people. Why? Becuase it has got the LED lights, got a great operating range and very simple to set up.

It can be extended to pair up to 10 more receivers or chimes as per your needs (for larger homes or offices) and you can choose from 52 melodies the doorbell comes with. We felt it packs a lot of stuff for the price it’s been offered. We recommend this for you to try as an entry level home security device.

>> Check Price of Fosmon Wavelink 51007HOM on Amazon <<

5. INNLIFE Waterproof Chime Kit

INNLIFE’s look will remind you the design of Apple’s simplistic design and we had no hesitation in picking up this doorbell in our top list here.

NNLIFE chime kit offers an excellent operating range of 1000 feet and is essentially a compact and stylish doorbell when it comes to look and feel. Feature-wise, it’s not lagging behind either. It has a flashing light feature and adjustable volume control which is handy for deaf or partially deaf people at home.

Other winning aspects of this product are it’s weatherproof, which means you don’t have to worry about harsh outside conditions. Just trust this product and it will handle the rough weather quite well.

>> See User’s reviews, Ratings and Price of INNLIFE doorbell on Amazon <<

Types of Hearing Losses

People deal with a variety of hearing loss issues. We won’t be going deep into medical terminologies & jargons, however, we can broadly categorize deafness into following scenarios.

  • Complete hearing loss: If you have a complete loss in hearing sensation means, you won’t be able to respond to anything at all. It’s because human ears can hear a sound only up to 120 decibels at a maximum. If you would have done an audiometry test, you would have seen that the graph clearly shows what sound patterns your ears are able to pick up and respond. And in a complete hearing loss, the graph is usually disappointing to see.
  • Response to specific frequency: Based on the severity of hearing loss, you are still able to hear particular sound frequencies.
  • Can hear only loud sounds: This means you are able to hear only loud sounds (not at crisp level though) and not low sounds.
  • Normal hearing when using a hearing aid:  As we mentioned earlier, advanced hearing aids have brought some breakthrough results and if you are able to lead a totally normal life when using a hearing aid, then you should be thanking the technology to the core.

What are Doorbells for Deaf? How do They help?

This brings our discussion to a specific topic of other senses we all possess. Though we depend predominantly on sound for responding to a doorbell, leveraging our other senses such as ‘vision’ and ‘touch’ greatly improve our situation when a visitor is at the door.


I think you have already got it. How about a doorbell that can flash a light when someone presses the button at the doorbell? You don’t have to ‘listen’ to the sound for opening the door. You just need to see the flashing light and respond. And how about a doorbell that incorporates a ‘special frequency’ that’s more audible to partially deaf people? You bet, there are products having this feature.

Not only that, wearable devices have made the life easier for people with hearing disabilities. You wear a connected band on your wrists and a smart home technology will help you to function normally despite not being able to hear. We will talk about the connected home in a separate post.

For now, let’s see what are those best of best doorbells that are specifically useful for people with hearing impairment.

How to Choose a Wireless Doorbell for Hearing Impaired?

Though we talked about the innovative features of a doorbell that help a deaf person, we thought to put together a mini buyer’s guide for you. Before you hit the buy button on any website or make your purchase at a brick and mortar store, please make sure that you consider aspects.

Flashing lights

A bright and dancing flashing light is the number one consideration you should be thinking of when choosing a door chime for the deaf. Regardless of their level of hearing, a flashing LED light can alert deaf people to quickly know that someone is at the door. Make sure your doorbell has a strobe light feature integrated within.

Adjustable Volume

You must choose a door chime which has adjustable volume control settings. You can set the volume to a very loud setting when you leave your relative (or the one who is hearing impaired) alone at home. It will be useful for him/her to listen to the loud sound and respond to the caller at the door. Again, once you are back home, you can set the volume to the normal sound setting. Usually, an extra loud doorbell is preferred when compared to one that supports subtle melodies.


It’s a smart thing that the doorbell makers are creating products that are portable and can be easily moved around. As a consumer, it’s a wise choice to pick up something that can be moved around the house without being attached to a fixed location such as a wall. For instance, if you are working in the kitchen, just take the portable doorbell along with you and keep it nearby.

Look for Special Frequency

It’s great to have a wireless doorbell which has a specific sound frequency that helps hearing-impaired people hear when someone rings the doorbell. In the earlier part of this discussion, we mentioned that some people could hear the special frequency of sound depending on their severity of hearing loss. Nowadays many wireless doorbells are having the integration of special frequency sound in the chime unit.

Vibrating Alert

A lot of doorbells have started incorporating the vibration feature for providing an additional notification when someone rings the doorbell. It’s a great feature to have and ask/research to ensure that your future door chime has this feature.


  1. Audiometry – definition & meaning
  2. Inaudible & audible sound –

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