Everything You Wanted To Know About Wireless Home Security System – The Complete Guide

Before wireless security systems gained popularity, people used to adopt several methods and means for improving their home security. Some of these methods were the use of a watchdog, wired camera security system, becoming a member of a neighborhood watch group, using alarm systems, using sophisticated locks, and a bunch of other safety systems and techniques.

We can’t deny the fact that the above traditional home security systems were good and efficient. However, in recent days, wireless home security systems seemed to have an edge over traditional home security systems.

Now, let’s see why the wireless security systems are having upper hand when it comes to comparing them with wired security services.

Simple Installation

You can install the wireless home security system by yourself without needing a specialist’s help for installation or configuring the elements. This is particularly useful because when you install the system yourself, you would know the exact locations of security cameras and the security codes, etc. Whereas, most wired security systems are full of hassles because they rely upon “wires” to get them up and to run. You will find difficulties in maintaining and tracking the correct wires, and you will lose focus on your actual goal i.e., setting up a proper and intelligent home security system. When you go with a wireless home security system, you can concentrate on your home security goals without worrying about wiring requirements.

Freedom of installing anywhere

You can install the wireless security system anywhere in your home you wish since they are independent of wires (provided they are within the range offered by the security system). This is one of the main advantages of wireless systems. You can place the wireless home security cameras at any point you want to monitor. This is a feature which can’t be possible with a wired security camera. Also, a wireless home security comes in camouflaged forms e.g. wireless home security cameras pre-hidden in showpiece or lamp, etc.

Flexibility of changing your home security plan

You can quickly make changes to your home security plan at your will. For example, you can change the location of an outdoor wireless security camera and things like that without much hassle. Whereas, in the case of a wired home security system, you need to think a lot about changing the wiring according to your changing plans.

Clean look

Wireless home security systems look cleaner and don’t appear messy. In the case of a wired system, you would see wires running through your house all over. Since wireless home security system is free from wires, you don’t have to compromise on messing up the décor of your home.

Enhanced safety factor

Wireless security systems are safer than the wired security in a sense that wired security systems largely depend on upon condition and maintenance of wires. Wireless security ‘s hard to tamper, thus enhancing the safety and security factor.

Easy maintenance

Wireless security systems are easy to maintain when compared to their counterparts (wired systems) because they are less bulky. Wired systems would require wire replacements or re-routing etc. Imagine a situation when you are upgrading or improving your home décor, the wired security system gets affected and needs separate attention and efforts to reorganize. However, with wireless security, such reorganizing efforts are non-existent, and related problems are not there.

Owing to the above advantages, wireless security systems are often regarded as the most appropriate solution to home security issues.

Things To Decide before Choosing a Wireless Security System

First of all, you need to find out many doors and windows will be covered with the wireless system. Then, you need to decide where you want to place the control panel, whether you want to put it on the front door or in the bedroom. It’s about your personal preference and convenience.

Another important consideration is how far the doors and windows from the system’s primary sensors. Because wireless security system works within a certain range and if your door and windows are too far, the sensors won’t be able to communicate with them.

If you want a monitored system, then for a small monthly fee, many companies’ can ‘watch’ your system. As a less costly alternative, you can pick a basic system that connects a dialer to your home phone which can dial previously chosen numbers in the case of an emergency situation.

You can decide whether to include motion detectors in the security system. However, consider this carefully if anyone in your house, including pets, have a tendency to roam during the night or whenever your system is enabled.

Coming to power supply requirements, choose a security system that takes batteries as a power supply, not the hard-wired one. This kind of system would be a little more expensive since you may have to pay for service call charges for replacing batteries. However, if you know yourself how to install batteries, then no service fees 🙂

While deciding a proper wireless home security system, do make sure that you choose a system that monitors every zone in your home. With wireless home security systems, you should be certain that it can perform accurately by reaching even the furthest zone.

Finally, the wireless security system should be user-friendly to operate. Else, it won’t help in the case of an emergency.

Once you have above, things thought and considered, you can start looking for various options for implementing the security system. The first obvious step would be to contact a reputed provider that you know and trust. Speaking of set up and installation needs, installing a wireless home security system can be very easy to do yourself because they do not need any hard-wiring, only basic simple tools that you have in your house.

As discussed earlier, the first step for installing wireless home security system is deciding where to put the control panels and sensors. Once you have decided that, you are on your way to having your home ready to tackle emergency situations. By following the guidelines that come along with wireless home security system, you can quickly install your system while saving some money. Alternately, if you want the installation to be done by some specialist, then you can contact a company or contractor to have this done for you.

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