Homasy Wireless Doorbell Review

Knock knock….., who is there? It is me the wireless doorbell from Homasy for you today!!!

Yes, today we are going to review one of the amazing doorbells from Homasy that is quite popular among customers for its exceptional operational range and value for money.

Homasy doorbells are well known for their easy installation, reliability, and super long working distance. So here we have chosen one such amazing product from Homasy.

Technical Specifications

  • Doorbell size is 7.1 x 3.2 x 3.8 inches
  • Available in white color
  • The installation will be wall mounted
  • Switch style is Push button and Remote
  • Amazing average battery Life of 180 days
  • Operational Range is 1000 ft (open space)
  • Volume level 25db to 110 db (adjustable)

A detailed review of Homasy Wireless Doorbell

Now let’s look into the details of this doorbell.


Considering the product quality and operational range, this doorbell kit of two receivers and one transmitter from Homasy worth every penny you spent. The doorbell is wireless and hence no wiring or other installation effort required.

The unit comes with the included battery. So just by spending $23.99 (at the time of writing), you get the whole doorbell kit. You need not spend any single penny for anything extra. Also, due to the exceptional operational range, the two receivers are more than enough to alert even for a big house.


Design-wise, this wall-mounting doorbell has a lot to offer. Apart from being easy to install, the transmitter unit of this Homasy doorbell is waterproof. So you can fix it on your front wall even if it often gets drenched by rainwater.
One more design feature that is so well thought by Homasy is that there is a small compartment in the transmitter unit. This can be used for you to leave a message to the visitors or the visitors can leave a message for you.

Now coming to the main aspect of a doorbell i.e., the volume level, of course, the main purpose of the doorbell is to alert someone inside the house that they have a visitor. So the doorbell should be loud enough. This doorbell from Homasy lets you set the volume level from 25db to 110 db. Suppose if you are sharp-eared and can wake up to even a small sound then you can set the receiver volume level to low and can set another receiver to high volume or as per the requirement.

One more important aspect, especially in case of a wireless doorbell, is its operational range. Since it is not any wired system, operational range is a serious factor to consider. The operational range of a wireless doorbell is nothing but how far and well the receiver can catch the signal from the transmitter unit (that is usually be installed outside the house, near the main door). This Homasy doorbell claims the range to be 1000ft.

However, please note that this range is available only in open space. Since in practical scenarios, there will be brick walls, furniture and other stuff that are obvious to cut down this range. Even with such obstacles, the Homasy’s range will be 100 to 500 ft. This doorbell kit is just enough for big houses or office buildings of multi-floor.

Installation and Usage

The doorbell kit is very easy to install. In fact, there is nothing much to install since it is a wireless system. All you got to do is, open the back cover of the transmitter unit and remove the insulating strip. You can use the double-sided tape or screws to fix this wall mounting unit anywhere you want.

Now for the receiver unit, simply plug into an electrical outlet and chose the melodies and set volume according to your preferences. On the side of the receiver units, there is a button that sets the volume.

The forward and backward button is to set the melody of your choice. There are more than 50 melodies to choose from. But the painful part is that you need to keep pressing the button back and forth till you get the melody that you like. Once you liked the melody that you like, and then press the main doorbell (transmitter). This sets the melody of your choice. No more just ding dong…you can have music of your choice!

Special Features

Now that you are well aware that this Homasy doorbell kit is a bundle of all useful features one can think of, there is one more surprise in store.

Yes, that is flashing light hint. This is an additional light assistance. The main doorbell flashes a blue light and the receiver will flash white light as a hint. Are not these are cool to have in a single doorbell kit that too in an affordable price tag?!!


Well, “looks do matter”. And in case of a doorbell, this is very much true. After all, the visitors will get to see the doorbell first before they get to see. Is it not?!!

Don’t worry the stylish and yet simple Homasy doorbell will keep your first impression the best. The white colored doorbell with a blue push button looks so elegant near your main door.

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  • Very easy to install.
  • Super long working range. Pretty enough for big houses or offices.
  • Adjustable volume level.
  • Can choose from more than fifty melodies. Not just ‘ding dong’ anymore!
  • Waterproof transmitter.
  • The compartment in the transmitter unit for visitors to leave a message.
  • Flashing light hint.
  • No major drawbacks. It is a simple wireless doorbell to alert you when you have a visitor and it does that job promptly.

>> See Price of Homasy Wireless Doorbell on Amazon <<


If you are looking for advanced doorbells with features like video surveillance, Wi-Fi, biometric etc then, this product may not be an option for you.

Yet, this Homasy Doorbell kit is a simple two receivers, one transmitter bundle that can alert you every time you have a visitor at your doorstep. The doorbell is waterproof, being wireless easy to install, and offers a super long operational range. So, that makes the product very well worth the money you spend.

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