Wireless Doorbell Installation – A Step by Step Doorbell Installation Guide

Just bought a wireless doorbell? Confused about how to setup and install the same in your home?

No need to worry at all. Since there are no wires to be dealt with, setting up a wireless doorbell is very easy. In fact, ease of installation is one of the advantages that a wireless doorbell offers when compared to wired doorbells.

With just a few simple steps, you can have your wireless door chime up and running. That’s exactly what we are going to show you in this quick and handy guide.

How to Install a Wireless Doorbell? The Quick Guide to Doorbell Installation

For illustration purposes, we have selected one of the very popular wireless doorbells RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime by Honeywell. Though the instructions we are going to show you in this article apply to this particular model, they can be easily co-related to other door chimes as well. You won’t find much difference in the doorbell installation procedures in case you have bought any other wireless doorbell.

However, if you haven’t bought a wireless doorbell yet and looking for suitable door chime for your home then, RCWL300A1006 Wireless Doorbell by Honeywell can be an excellent choice.

Let’s move on to the doorbell installation procedures. After going through this guide, you should no more be having issues with how to hook up a doorbell 🙂

The below figure illustrates various parts of your door-chime. It’s pretty straightforward to understand the parts. What’s missing in this figure are 2 buttons on the top which are provided for Chime settings and chime sound selection. There is another button when you remove the black panel for increasing the sound.

Parts of Your Chime Unit and Push Bell

1. Know Your Doorbell and Accessories: The first step in setting up your door chime would be, knowing various accessories that are provided along with door chime when you made the purchase.

For example, when you bought the door chime that we are illustrating above in the figure(RCWL300A1006) you get a cell battery (for push bell) and mounting hardware. In case you want additional mounting tape, you can easily get a good mounting tape from Amazon.

2. Power them ON: Insert batteries into chime (remove the panel by sliding gently) and into push bell so that they are powered up.

3. Sync the door chime and push button: Next step would be syncing the chime unit with bell push.

Let’s first understand what are the buttons available on the chime unit. On the top of chime unit, you will find 2 buttons. The one with music symbol is for setting the required chime tune, and the other button is for chime controls (chime mode, motion detector mode, etc.center). Now, press the chime control button and select chime module. Go to push bell and push the button centre. This action synchronises both push bell and chime unit. Simple.

4. Select a chime sound:  Since you have synchronised chime and bell push, next obvious step would be choosing a suitable chime tune. You get 3 chime sounds to choose from in RCWL300A1006. To select the chime sound, easily press the music button given on the top of chime unit. You can toggle between 3 chime quickly. Release the button once you have chosen a tune of your liking.

This finishes the setup of your wireless doorchime.

5. Install chime unit and push button: Now, you need to install the chime unit and push bell at the desired location in your home. Use the material provided by Honeywell (adhesive material) and stick the push button to the entrance area of your home and chime unit inside the home wherever you like to place it.

Don’t forget that you can connect multiple push bells to the chime unit. This feature is particularly useful when you want to place push buttons at various locations (such as at different doors) and want to see who is at which door.

Want to see an installation video?

If you still have some doubts or need any assistance for setting up your wireless door chime, we have made your life simple by grabbing an excellent video that explains to you how to quickly set up and installs the wireless doorbell. Enjoy the video.

Your Turn

Hope you found above instructions handy and useful. Did you face any difficulty while setting up or installing your wireless doorbell?

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