Is Dacota DC Alert DC-1000 the Best Long Range Wireless Doorbell Out There?

The good operating range has always been one of the much-anticipated features wireless MUST have, and there are many door chimes available that can offer operating ranges of 150ft, 250ft, and 450ft. However, if you want to install a wireless door chime in your garage or a huge house, then you might need a wireless doorbell with long-range. Here comes Dacota DC Alert DC-1000.

This wireless doorbell has an operating range of 1000ft which is much more than that of other popular long-range wireless doorbells out there. Of course, the working range of the doorbell would be a bit lower than the operating range. Still, 1000ft of range coverage ensures that you don’t miss any caller regardless of how far the doorbell pushbutton is kept from the chime unit. Users have reported that this model is already working up to 700ft of the actual range.

Dacota DC-1000 does an excellent job when it comes to covering a broad range in your house. It has visual indicators in the form of zone based LED flashlights, and volume control options do exist. You can choose from 16 doorbell sounds.

This doorbell ships along with 1 push button and can support up to 4 push buttons. The best part is you can assign individual chime tone to each of these buttons to determine the location of the caller. The Same functionality is incorporated in the visual notifications as well. There are 4 LED’s which illuminate based upon the caller’s location.

Now, there are some concerns raised from users that they have noticed some issues in the device and have expressed a feeling of dissatisfaction about this door chime. However, it could be a problem with few pieces, and they would have surely got them replaced with a better piece.

There is praise for this device in the market solely because of it’s one of the best long range wireless doorbell.

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Door Chime Specifications

Operating Range1000 Ft
No Of Doorbell Sounds16
Décor (Body)
Home Security Features
Works with 4push buttons
Visual Alerts4 Zone-based LED illumination
Size9 x 2 x 12.5 inches

See full user reviews, rating and price on Amazon

Your Turn

Is this the right doorbell for your home? If your house is really huge and you want the door chime to cover a wide range of areas then you can go for this door chime. Otherwise, we recommend other doorbells such as Honeywell’s RC330A1000/N which offers you 450ft of operating range and has a satisfaction index of 4.6/5.

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