Review of August AB-R1 Doorbell Cam – A Reliable WiFi Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells have been in the news, and more and more homes are getting these WiFi enabled smart devices into their homes.

Brands like Ring and SkyBell are dominating the smart doorbell market.

However, the product that we are reviewing today is from another dependable brand called August (remember their keyless locks?). August has released a cute looking, elegant, smart WiFi doorbell in the new and fresh, smart doorbell segment.

Again, will this product truly take on the well-established products like Ring and SkyBell? Well, this review just attempts to raise the curtains to the similar questions.

Review of August Smart Doorbell – AB-R1 Doorbell Cam

The August Smart Doorbell works like a gatekeeper at the door, informing the residents about anyone on the door and if needed, letting them in. Users can have a look at the visitors on their doorstep by just checking their smart device (such as a smartphone), thanks to the camera.

Once the camera is connected to the internet, users will be able to check their visitors even when they are not home. The doorbell camera comes in dark grey and silver color.

The August Smart Doorbell Cam offers an audio-visual feed to the owner via active Wi-Fi and can also be connected via Bluetooth. The homeowner needs to download an August app, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The doorbell cam is offered by August Home. It is a well-known consumer electronics company dealing with smart home security solutions. Apart from the Doorbell Cam, the company also offers products like August Smart Lock, Smart Keypad, and August Connect, all of which help in keeping households secure by guarding not only the front door but other doors in the house as well.

While the August Doorbell cam and the Smart Keypad take care of the security of the front door, the other doors in the house are secured by the August Smart Lock. So, even if the homeowner lets anyone in through the front door, they can restrict entry to specific rooms in the house ‘remotely’.

All the products from August are tastefully designed. The colours are neutral, but elegant. This ensures that the homeowner does not have to worry about whether the products will go well with their decor. The sophisticated look of these gadgets lends the home a modern feel.

Product Specifications

The August Doorbell Cam is a lightweight product with a total weight of only 14.1 ounces with dimensions of 2.9” x 2.9” x 0.9”.

It comes in a silver and dark grey variant that works with all kinds of backgrounds.

Each box of the August Doorbell Cam consists of one Doorbell Cam (of course), along with one Mounting Plate, four Mounting Screws, two Wall Anchors, four Wire Connectors, one Mounting Wedge, one Hex Wrench and one Guidebook to get started.

The August Smart Doorbell comes with power requirements of 16-24VAC ~ 50-60Hz 0.2A.

Key Features

Sensitive Motion Sensors

Motion sensing is the key feature of the August Doorbell Cam. It is these motion sensors that detect the presence of a visitor in front of the house. They can pick movements, even if there is someone close to the door. These smart motion sensors help capture any activity near the main door.

Instant Notification

As the camera senses a movement or detects a visitor at the door, it sends out a notification to the registered smartphone.

High Definition Camera

Clarity of the feed is critical for a homeowner to recognize their home visitors on the video, and allow them access to their home. However, not all security devices offer excellent clarity. August Doorbell Cam comes with an HD camera that makes it easy to vet the visitor and let them in.

Mobile Lock

This is another piece of next generation feature offered by August Doorbell Cam. This allows the homeowners to permit their home visitors in their home, even when they are out, by remotely controlling the lock.

Two-way Conversation

The August Doorbell Cam allows two-way communication, which means that if the homeowner does not identify the visitor, they can first communicate with each other the purpose of visit, and only then let a stranger in.

Replay Recordings

August Doorbell Cam offers users the option to view their recordings again. This smart doorbell can record the conversations, which can be later played on the app. This is also a good way to keep a log of all the visitors.

Remote Check

The homeowner can check the status of whether the door is locked or not. The best bit is that if it is indeed unlocked, then the user can lock it remotely.

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  • From installing the doorbell to setting up the app, the August Doorbell Cam is just a breeze to work with Thanks to the HD camera, the quality of the footage on the August Doorbell is a real winner compared to its competitors.
  • The audio quality is exceptional too. The voice of the visitor can be heard loud and clear without the slightest of disturbances
  • There is no need to carry a set of keys anymore. Once the August Doorbell Cam is installed, the days of accidentally getting locked out are a thing of the past.
  • The design of the Doorbell Cam is sleek and looks trendy. The colour scheme is also neutral, which makes it work well with any background.
  • The device support services are highly responsive and will help the users in troubleshooting, in case they face any technical issues with the August Doorbell Cam.
  • There are no LED lights on the Doorbell CAM. When it gets dark, this can become a problem, as the camera may not be able to capture the face of visitors.
  • The August Doorbell Cam does not come with a digital doorbell system, but only with mechanical doorbells. So, if a household has a digital doorbell, they will have to switch it with a mechanical one because of compatibility issues.
  • It is easy to follow the steps to install the August Doorbell Cam. But, it takes quite a lot of time to set everything in place.

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The August Smart WiFi Doorbell Cam is a product of constant endeavour from a company to offer products that make homes safer. In particular, the HD video quality of its camera, the high sensitivity of its motion sensors, and remote control access are some of the key features that draw people to this product.

Moreover, it is also affordably priced at $199 (at the time of publishing). It has user-friendly controls, and the app has an intuitive design. It is an excellent product that is loaded with functionalities, which makes it a valuable investment for anyone looking to spend on home security solutions.

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