Review of Nest Self Learning Thermostat

The thermostat is a device used for regulating the temperature to the desired level by the action of cooling or heating as per the requirement. The thermostat is integrated with sensors which can sense any rise or drop in the temperature levels based on a specified set point.

Review of Nest Self-Learning Thermostat

Nest Self Learning thermostat is a revolutionary invention in the world of thermo-regulation. Wi-Fi and digital thermostat are well known to us, but this newly designed advanced thermostat has a unique feature i.e. it programs itself and gets the idea from you and about your usage.

The 3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat learns about the temperature often adjusted by you and schedule itself according to it. Just use it only a week and the nest will do whatever is needed to be done by its own for the future.

Nest, the manufacturer company, has always launched such products which are user-friendly, affordable and delightful for its users in all means and Nest Self Learning Thermostat is one of their flagship products in the market.

“At the end of the day, look at our product and you’ll see a reflection of the people who made it. – Tony Fadell , CEO of Nest”

The company proudly claims that 4 billion kWh energy has been saved by Nest thermostat worldwide since 2011. While some others sources claimed the saving of 10-12% on heating and 15% on cooling bills.

Product Specifications

Nest Self Learning Thermostat is a round stainless steel metal thermostat. This auto-schedule thermostat is 1 pound in weight with 3.3 x 3.3 x 1.2 inches dimensions. The size of the product is 3.3 inches and is operated with AC source of 110 volts. The thermostat is also compatible with Lithium ion battery having almost 10 hours of battery life. It has a 24-bit colour LCD, with 480 x 480 resolution at 229 PPI.

The Nest Learning Thermostat can easily be controlled through a smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere to help you save energy and billing costs.

Key Features

The Nest Self Learning Thermostat is widely used by people in their homes and offices etc. This product has unique features which make it preferable over other products of the same niche. Some key features are:

  • Auto-Programming: The Nest Thermostat programs itself automatically as per you usage and no manual entries are needed
  • Auto-Away: When you are out of home, the thermostat tends to lower down the energy usage to the minimal level
  • Remote Monitoring: While you are away from home, using the Nest App you can monitor and control the temperature and get the alerts for severe heating or cooling of home
  • Energy History: By looking into your energy history can help you save more energy when you are aware of its extra or excess usage
  • Nest Leaf: The nest leaf is awarded when you change the temperature to save energy. It helps you how to save more at different temperatures
  • Far Sight: The device lights up when you enter the room to display the temperature or time set by you
  • Easy Installation: This device hardly takes 20-30 minutes for its installation with 24/7 support available from the company
  • Safety Assurance: Nest Thermostat is not only helping you regulate the temperature but alerts in case of any serious risk of damage due to increasing or decrease in temperature like melting of electrical wires, pipe burst, fire, etc.
  • Compatibility: The Nest thermostat works with 95% heating and cooling systems of 24V, including gas, electric, heat pump, forced air, radiant, oil, hot water, etc.

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  • Larger display than 2nd generation devices, almost 40% increase in display size with better display
  • Availability of display in both digital & analogue clock
  • Far Sight Feature, a very much liked innovation in the 3rd Generation device which can “wake up” even when you are 10 feet away from the device
  • Modern & sleek look with easy installation, even self-installation is easy taking hardly 20-30 minutes, and the whole process is made available in the instructional videos by the company on its website
  • Along with Nest App, this device even works perfectly with Wink App as well thus enabling most of the people to utilize the very features of it
  • Dimming at night: The high-resolution, colorful display of the device stays as bright as the day which needs to be dimmed down more at nights
  • Displaying Current Temperature: The device displays the target temperature all the times, and it could have programmed to display the current temperature instantly as well

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Without any doubts, the Nest Self Learning Thermostat is one of the best innovated digital device having the self-programmable feature with ease of installation and extravaganza services. The device not only keeps the temperature normal (or hot and cool as per your requirement) but also acts as a security alert and gives that early warning in case if there is any risk or damage to the household items.

The whole world is battling out energy shortage and smart inventions like smart thermostats can be great adaptions not only for saving energy but also to witness significant reduction in energy bills.

Talking specifically about Nest, the new design, smart looks, and impressive display make it a decorative piece wherever installed in your home, company, or office. The elegant design of the 3rd Generation Nest Self Learning Thermostat is what makes it unique from all other devices of the same applications.

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