Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review – A Worthy Upgrade

We have written about the Ring doorbell even it became Ring (it was called doorbot then, remember). Ring took the world by storm with its WiFi-enabled video doorbell with version 1. Though it had few improvement areas, it was widely liked by people who enjoyed the added convenience the device infused into their lives.

Times have changed, and with rapid changes taking place in the tech segment, Ring has made considerable improvements to its earlier version, and we now have Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

In this review of Ring Doorbell Pro, we are sharing key aspects, features, pros, cons and those small little things you always wanted to know about this product. Without much delay, let’s head over to the meat of the post!

Comprehensive Review of Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The main aspects of Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Like the predecessor, Ring Video Doorbell is a smart doorbell that allows you to connect your doorbell to your smartphones. You will get a push notification that tells you there is somebody at the door. This way you can talk to anyone at your door from anywhere you want. It’s not just that, but there is more it like some of these below;

  • You can see live footage that enables you to deal with potential threats (if any)
  • You can also see who is paying you a visit in your absence
  • You can chat live with the person at your door
  • The Ring Video Doorbell also comes with a night vision that makes it safer
  • This wireless doorbell can also adapt to various climatic conditions
  • It is easy to install and no rocket science involved
  • Peace of mind, period.


The Ring Video Doorbell Pro has been designed with state-of-the-art technology, and the research that has gone into it clearly shows that it can do. It is an improved gadget of the previous version.


Owing to its sleek design, it impresses you from the very first look. Its discreet design makes it a nice add-on for your stylish house. Moreover, it comes with interchangeable faceplates that can blend with your existing home decor. The rectangular size makes it a kind of unique looking product with metallic finish bringing the elegance.

Technical Aspects

It supports 1080p HD images that are stunningly great. It also comes with motion activated camera which helps you monitor the exact zones you are interested in. A two-way audio that can cancel background noise makes it more useful when talking to someone using this device.

It has night vision competence which means you can won’t miss those visitors when they arrive in low-light conditions or during the night. It has an infrared LED that can illuminate the guests during dark. Captured videos can be stored in the cloud.

Hassle-free Installation

Scoring big marks here, installing Ring video doorbell Pro is a breeze. All it takes is few minutes to get this smart doorbell up and running around your house. 


Ring doorbell pro connects with a broad range of devices such as a computer, smartphone or a tablet. Its ability to let you communicate with a vast array of devices is not less than a great feat. Doorbells have certainly evolved!

Viewing Experience and Picture Quality

It offers a viewing angle of 160 degrees, and the picture quality runs at 1080p. Peepholes are now things of the past 🙂

  • Slim design that can fit into the smallest of spaces
  • Elegant design that will blend into to your existing home décor
  • Sports an HD camera
  • Works with your home’s WiFi
  • Works with wide range of smartphones, tablets
  • Has an inbuilt motion detection technology
  • It can be customized to create alert zones
  • Pictures and videos can be stored at cloud
  • Ring has a decent customer service
  • We felt it’s priced little higher than the few competitors, however not much higher though

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Ring has an excellent video, explaining the installation procedure. It might just come in very handy in case you need quick guidance to get started with this device at your home.


Overall, it has to be mentioned that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a worthy upgrade from its predecessor. It has got the design, technology and integration right. With the whole ‘connected home’  concept catching up, investing in this product seems to be a no-brainer. Time to ring!

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