Samsung SHS p718 Digital Smart Lock Review – Works Like A Charm

Samsung has launched a complete line of the smart locks, and the SHS-P718 doesn’t come cheap. This big boy has an elevated price tag, but its design is simply beautiful. In this review of Samsung shs p718 digital smart lock , we will explore key features, specifications, pros and cons of the product.

The Rise of Smart Locks

It’s impressive how the technology has simplified our lives in many forms and shapes. The last years, technology has owned everything, since smartphones to cutting-edge door locks, but this is something positive because technology is always going to make our life better by adding more features.

10 years ago, would have been a joke to think that a door lock could have so much technology and circuits inside it. On the contrary, now we can see that a door lock has more technology than a computer or any device of 10 years ago.

Samsung has put all the meat in the roaster to create an awesome and incredible smart lock

A smart lock can simplify your life more than you think, you can unlock or lock it with just a smartphone or with a fingerprint, protect your house from invasions, and it can receive your guesses by programming it to speak with them.

Samsung is one of the most famous, powerful, and profitable companies in the world, and it’s not a secret, if you don’t know what it is Samsung, you must stop living under a rock. The South Korean company specializes in almost everything in the electronics niche and more.

Comprehensive Review of Samsung shs p718 Digital Lock

Product Specifications

  • 4-12 digit number combination, capacity for 10 digits
  • DC 6V (8x AA Alkaline batteries)
  • Capacity to store up to 100 fingerprints
Weighs10.1 pounds
Model numberSHS-P718
Dimensions17.7 x 4.7 x 12.6 inches
Verification timeLess than a second

Key Features of Samsung Digital Door Lock shs p718

Fingerprint scanning system: There are so many advantages of using a fingerprint scanner, it’s almost unbreakable unless someone cuts your finger. It’s convenient by just putting your finger on it; you will be accessed immediately, without annoying and boring keys or hackable passwords.

Extra Security: In case that someone cut your finger (just kidding), you have extra protection by using double authentication. You can activate this features and lock or unlock your door by using fingerprint and a password to prevent hackers.

Manner Mode: Once this feature is enabled you may be able to disable any sound coming from the smart lock. It temporally blocks them to allow you and your family to sleep better.

Anti-theft function: By pressing the Home Shape button, you activate the mode that will trigger an alarm if an intruder tries to enter from windows, verandas, or any other door.

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  • Stylish and futuristic design
  • Robust construction
  • Double protection with the fingerprint scanner and password
  • Security aspect to protect you from intruders
  • Samsung’s quality
  • Pull, push innovating mechanism
  • Easy installation
  • The expensive price tag
  • Lack of advanced smart features to use with a smartphone
  • Lack of keys or any way to access physically (most smart locks provide a way to use keys as well)

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Wrapping up

Samsung has launched a product that is not for any budget; It has a high price tag for its premium features. Samsung is the master when it comes to creating beautiful pieces of technologies and with supreme quality.

It’s a fantastic smart lock, has a double verification system that guarantees a total security in your business or home with an enormous capacity for 100 fingerprints. You have to bear in mind that at first the innovating mechanism of Pull and Push can be difficult, annoying and unpractical at first, but after some days, it becomes a fantastic improvement over typical systems.

However, it lacks elemental functions already seen in products of 1/3rd of its prices, like connectivity and support for iOS and Android. It’s a product entirely aimed at exclusivity, safety, and aestheticism. Hope our review of Samsung shs p718 helped you to understand the product at a granular level.

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