Sentri Home Monitoring System Review

Security is a very crucial thing in everyday life due to increasing crime rate. No one is secure now, and all countries have to adopt a proper security system. CCTV cameras are playing a very effective role in monitoring and controlling the criminal activities.

Many miscreants have been caught because of CCTV videos. But, they also adapt themselves to the new security systems and they dig out new ways to break security lines. So, you need to have some advanced system that proves to be unbreakable by miscreants.

Sentri Home Monitoring System – Review

Sentri all in one monitoring system is a device that helps to secure your home and to monitor the activities and movements at your place. Sentri is a popular company that provides the best services and offers a good range of home security products for your office and home.

Sentri monitoring system is obviously designed to play a great role in the security and monitoring of offices and homes. It’s new and has innovative features making it a reliable and trustworthy product to try.

The Design

It is designed by observing and reviewing the everyday activities and miscreant’s ways to break the security systems. Miscreants can use different and advanced ways to break the security systems, but Sentri knows “how to dodge them”.

Key Features

  • The setup and installation of Sentri home monitoring device is very easy; you don’t have to connect long cords and cables
  • Advanced technology and use latest hardware systems in this device makes sure you are safe at home
  • Device provides timely notifications
  • It has a built-in updating system, so it keeps updating periodically

How Sentri Helps You?

  • You can feel that you are at home, everytime, because you can watch videos of your home in HD as well as can hear good quality audio clips
  • Any activity can be detected with this home monitoring device; you can get alerts for every movement
  • It has a touchscreen panel from where you can manage and operate this device
  • You can check updates, play back videos, and weather updates on this home monitoring device
  • There is built-in siren system which you can trigger from your phone
  • The infrared night vision system allows keeping monitoring during night
  • This device helps you to know about your home and keeps the record of about last 30 days
  • Through this device, you can also adjust and control thermostat, hue lights and Wemo


All the installation and setup instructions are printed in the form of a post-card which comes with the package. It can be mounted on any wall because it comes in a plastic frame.

It comes with its Android and iOS support, which helps to control this device directly from the mobile phone or tablet. No lengthy procedure is required to install this system, just hang on the wall and use its touchscreen to set and then control via your smartphone. Now you can see everything in your home from everywhere else.

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  • It has the 10.1-inch screen which also allows a wider coverage
  • It has the additional property of controlling the third-party lightning systems; now you can control the lighting in your home very easily
  • Built-in siren and battery system allows you to beware of events and unusual movements in your home
  • Its video is only in 720p and has no cellular backup
  • Also, some features are not implemented to their full scope, they can be improved further

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While it’s not the cheapest device out there on the market, because its design, features and most importantly self-updating operating system (which ensures new features are integrated periodically), Sentri seems to be a promising device.

Portable home security devices are the talk of the day and Sentri seals its spot right there in the top league.

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