Sesame Smart Lock – Review

Always dream to have a smart lock but do not want to change the existing lock? Want to enjoy the luxury of accessing your door lock remotely using the smartphone? Want to keep a track on who entered the house and at what time? All of the above dreams are made possible by CandyHouse. No more keys under the rug, inside the pot; no more key lending or problems with a forgotten key. If you have guessed it correctly, we have another review post today and we are covering a detailed review of Sesame Smart Lock / Deadbolt. Hang on.

The whole door locking system is made simple and smart by the Sesame Smart lock by CandyHouse. It fits all types of single-cylinder deadbolts. That is why the sesame lock is ideal for anyone and everyone.

Next time when you come home after grocery shopping holding a lot many bags in hand and not able to take out the Smartphone from your pocket, worry not; your Sesame lock will open the door for you automatically. Yes, it is a true smart lock indeed.

Let us see its features and specification in detail.

Technical Specifications

Connected Home ProtocolBluetooth, Wi-Fi
Connected Home CompatibilityAmazon Alexa, IFTTT, Google Home
Product dimension3.9 x 1.6 x 3.4 inches
Power source Battery (2 CR123A batteries)
BatteryCell type Lithium metal
ColorMatte Black

Detailed Review of the Sesame Smart Lock

Installation and Usage

The word installation could sound heavy to use here. It is because there is nothing much to do. The whole procedure takes hardly few seconds. No tools or screws and no hassle. The self-adjusting mechanism of the Sesame is patented and works with any single cylinder deadbolts. It does not even have to be at the center of the lock.

To manage the lock using your Smartphone you just have to download the free app and attach Sesame to the existing lock. That’s all; you are all set to enjoy the key free life.

Additionally using Wi-Fi access point which you need to buy separately, you cannot just manage the Sesame lock remotely but also can grant access to the visitors from wherever you are. Few factors need to be considered here. The Wi-Fi Access point should be installed near to the lock i.e., at least within 15 feet range. One access point can be paired with only one Sesame smart lock.

Also, please note that without the Wi-Fi access point, you will able enjoy the remote accessibility only within the range of the Bluetooth.

Special Features

The Sesame may be too simple to look but it has got a lot many smart features to offer. Let us see what they are.

Auto-lock and auto-unlock your door

It is not just locking and unlocking the door using your Smartphone but it can even lock and unlock the door automatically. Yes, you heard it right, “Automatically”!!! Using the smart lock’s App you can set the lock to lock or unlock so that you do not even have to take the Smartphone out of your pocket. On your approach, the smart lock unlocks the door and similarly locks the door behind you.

The accelerometer detects your special knock pattern

Knock to unlock is the new hashtag here. No matter where you are, you can simply knock your iPhone with the App downloaded of course! to unlock the door remotely. Without the phone, a gentle knock on the Smart lock will also unlock the door for you.

Grant access to guests

No more key lending. You can grant access to open that door to your trusted guests using the App. You being the manager of the account, have to simply add their e-mail ids. Similarly, you can revoke the access as well whenever you wish. You can grant access to a maximum of 99 guests. Isn’t this a cool feature?

Keeping track of Sesame’s history log

Sesame can keep track of all the actions; you can even keep track of the locking/unlocking the door using physical keys.

Key still works

If you are not so tech savvy and wish to do things conventionally, you can still use the original physical keys.

Design and Appearance

The universal fit latch is the patented design of CandyHouse. In fact, this unique design of the smart lock makes it work with all types of single turn locks. Good news is that it does not even have to be fixed at the center of the latch or at a certain angle.

Look wise, there is little to worry about. The Sesame smart lock simply covers the existing door latch. The product is available in wide variety of colors. So you can match the one that blends well with the color of the door.

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  • Easy to install.
  • Works with all types of single cylinder deadbolts.
  • Long battery life and low battery notification.
  • Can grant/revoke access to guests.
  • Can view history log using the App.
  • Auto lock and auto unlock.
  • With Wi-Fi Access point you can manage the lock from anywhere.
  • Knock to unlock option and manager role are available only for iOS users.

>> See Price of Sesame Smart Lock on Amazon <<

Even after the detailed overview if you still have some questions bugging you, you can go through the FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sesame smart locks

How to unlock the door if the Smartphone is lost or stolen?

Well, that is quite unfortunate. If you have the physical key, the job is made quite easy.

Even otherwise, unlocking the door will not be a problem. You can download the App to someone else’s Smartphone and Login with your account details and unlock the door.

In such scenarios, please make sure that you sign out from the App once the job is done. Also, change the password of your smart lock account so that the account remains signed out in the stolen/lost mobile as well. I know the tips were great, you can thank me later.

How to unlock the door if the Smartphone’s battery is dead?

The physical key is, of course, one of the options. If that is not available, again you can borrow a phone from others, download the App, login and unlock the door.

Do not forget to uninstall the App once the job is done.

How far is it safe from Hackers?

Sesame locks are pretty much safe against hacking. Sesame is AES-256-GCM and TLS 1.2 encrypted. So you can always say sorry to bad guys.


Sesame has definitely made our life easier. All you need to have is a single turn single cylinder deadbolt and Wi-Fi Access point. The Sesame smart lock will take care of rest of the things. Starting with installing to accessing through Smartphone everything is kept easy and simple.

The sesame smart lock is simply perfect for everyone without any “ifs” and “buts”.

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