SkyBell Wi-Fi Doorbell – Does it Lives Up To the Hype?

A Futuristic Idea was Born

First of all, we commend the idea of this futuristic device by IndieGogo, a crowd-sourcing organization.

Skybell was initially known as iDoorCam.

This crowd-sourcing initiative raised $583,679USD in 36 days which is an incredible achievement in itself. In fact, we wrote about iDoorCam on our site during the earlier days of the device in this blog post.

Skybell has been now released to open public for sale and there has been lots of talk and buzz about this product. We couldn’t resist ourselves from checking out this and posting few honest thoughts about the same.

What is SkyBell?

Before we jump right into the features and specifications, let’s understand the core reason why this device came into existence.

Basically, SkyBell aims to converge power of video doorbell, internet, and apps, enabling you to see and respond to people who are at your door, regardless whether you are inside your house or miles away.

Very interesting concept indeed. What’s more, the product simply uses your home WiFi signals and alerts you on your smartphone when someone pushes the doorbell. You can choose to see, speak to the person who is at the door, right from your smartphone.

The device even has a motion sensor and you can be alerted if someone is near your door (not actually pressed the doorbell).

How it Works?

SkyBell is a round shaped pretty looking video doorbell that has a video camera, microphone  and a speaker within it. It is paired with your smartphone with an app (free) provided by SkyBell.

So, when a visitor presses the doorbell like an usual doorbell, this device sends you an alert on your smartphone (iOS/Android). If you accept the notification, the video camera on the doorbell activates and you will start seeing the video of the person who is at the door and start speaking to him.

Your voice will be heard by the receiving person through the speaker within the device.

SkyBell works with your home Wi-Fi, 4G, and LTE.

Since we now understand the basic principles of the device’s functioning, let’s examine the key features and benefits the device.

Added Convenience

This was the very reason why this innovative idea was transformed into reality. You being in control of your home’s surrounding, even when you are away from home, is one of the biggest advantage this device.

Thanks to technology, that made this integration possible.

Silent Mode

You can choose the silent mode if you wish to reduce or turn off the sound of doorbell especially if you have a sleeping baby at home. And , all this can be done through the app on your phone. We loved the feature.

It’s Sturdy

The device is pretty sturdy, considering that it will be situated outside your house and it needs to face varying temperature, wind and weather. It can withstand temperatures between 40 – 150 degree Fahrenheit.

Multiple Users

We felt that the feature of sending calls to multiple people when someone rings the doorbell is really useful as multiple people get alerts simultaneously. The person who receives the call will be able to see and talk to the visitor through his smartphone.

Easy Installation

SkyBell is easy to setup and install.

No Batteries

The device runs from direct power, which means you need not worry about replacing batteries every now and then.

Night Vision

With the infrared LED, you will be able to see, who is at your door even during the night.

Quick Specifications

Wireless NetworkWi-Fi, 4G, LTE
SmartphoneiOS 5 or later, Android 4 or later
Wall mount or covermount
2.8 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches
Hardened plastics with UV coating
Works with direct power
Motion Sensor
Up to 2 meters
Night Vision
Infrared LED available

Is it For You?

Well, the device received good praise for its innovative idea and simplicity, it does needs little improvements in few areas.Manufacturers are listening to customer’s suggestions and complaints and this device is being improvised.

Is this a product you should jump right from your bed and click on buy button now? No. However, if you are the one who likes to have a control of your home’s surrounding and doesn’t want to miss any visitor, then this device is surely worth a try.

If you can wait for few months, you would actually get a better version of the device.

Where to Buy?

You can try at else, directly on SkyBell’s website.

Closing Thoughts

SkyBell brings new dimension to home automation by converging hardware and software. It leverages the power of internet and apps enabling you to experience home security features.

Priced just under $200, you can try this little device and add an additional layer of security to your home. What’s more, surprise your friends and relatives every time when they arrive at your door. Your doorbell can’t be cooler than this.

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