TensWall Doorbell Review

Many have pets and they consider the dog to be the doorbell. That sounds cool… but often it is not a reliable solution and you may miss visitors sooner or later. A doorbell is a MUST for a big house or apartment. If you are planning to change the present doorbell that is not working or looking for a doorbell for your new house, here is a simple yet elegantly designed wireless doorbell from TensWall for you. The doorbell is inexpensive, simple, easy to install and use, and most importantly reliable. More on this in our review of the Tenswall doorbell.

Now you can be sure if someone is at your doorstep for you with the TensWall doorbell installed in front of your house.

With a specialization in small electronics and accessories, TensWall is a well-known consumer electronics brand across the globe. From the year 2010 to date TensWall is dedicated to understanding customer demands and trying to fulfill them.

Since every time we advise our readers to go through the product review before making the decision to buy it, here in this post we have tried to provide you the detailed unbiased review of this product from TensWall.

Detailed Review of TensWall Doorbell

We just got to know the manufacturer of Tenswall doorbell. Now let’s get into the details of the doorbell.


The price tag for this product is too appealing. Yes, this basic doorbell (one transmitter, one receiver) set costs are too less comparatively. We mean, in this price range you are getting a doorbell with the classic look and reliable functionality. Plus, the range of its operating is pretty good to use in a two-story house or big apartment. So all in all, considering the functionalities and price ratio, there are no gripes, it is reasonably priced.


Buying a doorbell is not an easy job. You need to do an initial research to understand the type of doorbell that you need, the range of operation you are expecting from it and so on. Some doorbells also demand some effort during installation as well. So it is natural that once installed everyone expects the doorbell to work fine for many years to come.

With the TensWall version 2 installed near your main door, you can sit back and relax. Because the unit will never let you miss any visitors. The IP55 transmitter is waterproof and hence can be installed literally anywhere you want.

Just to let you know, if in case you are wondering what is IP here? It is nothing but Ingress Protection. According to the international standards, IP is used to define the effectiveness of electric enclosure against dirt and moisture.

Easy to Install and Use

The doorbell kit is very easy to install. It is wall mounting type. You just need to plug in the receiver to a power outlet (AC 110-240V). The transmitter also does not demand much effort. You can fix it near the main door using the double-sided adhesive tape or screws. The wireless doorbell works at the frequency of 315MHz / 433MHz.

To set the tone and volume there are separate buttons at the side of the receiver unit. Just by pressing the up and down button you can scroll through the fifty plus music tones available and chose the one you want. The holiday tones are really fun and you may like it.

What? More than fifty tones??!! Yes, you heard it right. And even for those who are not so sharp-eared, the TensWall doorbell kit provides the luxury of setting the volume level. You adjust the volume from 25 decibels to110 decibels.

Most importantly, all these are clearly mentioned in the user manual. So you can refer it while installing as well as when you wish to change the tone.

Technical specification

Doorbell Size4.2 x 3.4 x 3 inches
MaterialABS (a lightweight plastic)
Switch stylePush button, Remote
Battery type12V 23A (Alkaline Battery)
Operational Range900 ft (open space)
Volume level25db to 110 dB (adjustable)
Frequency315MHz / 433MHz


The doorbell is sure to get some extra attention from your visitors for sure. The modern and delicate appearance is sure to attract anyone. It is such a black beauty. The LED lights lit up once the switch is pressed and it adds up its stylish looks.

There are colored LED lights on the receiver as well. Imagine yourself expecting someone special on a weekend. The holiday tone that starts ringing along with the rotating color lights to indicate that he/she is right in front at your doorsteps is sure to bring a smile on your face.

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  • Stylish modern design.
  • Great functionalities with more than 50 tones in a highly affordable price range.
  • Simple doorbell with the quality build.
  • Reliable functionality.
  • Built-in LED light.
  • Quick and super easy to install.
  • Flexibility to adjust the volume level is very useful.
  • he range is limited to only 900ft that too in open space, in case of practical use because of obstacles the range will be further reduced. However, the doorbell is just enough for small two story house.

>> See Price of TensWall Doorbell on Amazon <<


If you are in search of a doorbell with the sole intention of not to miss a visitor at your door then TensWall 2 version wireless doorbell is perfect for you. The one receiver, one transmitter doorbell set comes in an affordable price range of less than $20 which is of course too tempting. In spite of their affordable price tag, TensWall has not compromised with their product’s functionality, durability, and reliability.

The doorbell offers more than 50 tones to set and the volume also can be set to a low or high volume according to the requirement.

All in all, the TensWall version 2 is a simple doorbell ideal for small two-story houses or large apartments.
However, before buying, please note that this is not a door-open chime. It does not alert you once the door is opened. It is a simple doorbell that can be used by visitors to alert them that they are waiting at the main door. It cannot detect and ring when that door is opened.

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