Ultraloq Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock – Review

Ultraloq comes from U-Tec, Silicon Valley. U-Tec is known for their top quality products like professional security camera systems, cloud camera and fingerprint and touch screen smart lever. Today, we are specifically reviewing Ultraloq Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock.

With the rapid advancement in home automation systems there are a lot of products that advertise themselves as clever but in execution, they fall short of making your house a true smart home. Luckily, Ultraloq UL3 from U-Tec is different in this case. It is the unique combo of fingerprint, key or code. You can use any one of these three to secure your house with. Because U-Tec truly believes that “It’s all about you”.

Review of Ultraloq Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock

Technical Specifications

Product dimension7 x 6.3 x 3.5 inches
Battery3 AA batteries lithium required. (Included)
Average battery life360 days
ColorSatin Nickel
MaterialZinc Alloy
DisplayOLED display
Warranty18 months electronic and lifetime mechanical warranty


Design wise, Ultraloq UL3 has some of the unique features. First in the list is its reversible lever. That means you can install this smart lock according to the space available. Whether it is the left-handed or right-handed door, UL3 fits well in both the cases. This is a well thought and implemented design feature that gives great flexibility for installation.

Like a cherry on the top, the weatherproof smart lock comes with an OLED display. This intuitive display makes the whole process of setting up pin codes and/or enrolling the fingerprints a lot easy and convenient.

The power source for this smart lock is 3 AA lithium batteries. Utec claims to provide 360 days of battery life and there is a low battery alarm as well. Good news is that the alarm lets you know that the battery is drying out very much in advance.


The entire smart lock unit is made of a single piece zinc alloy. The solid body is IP65 rated and is totally waterproof and dustproof. So you need not feel apprehensive about installing it outdoors.

Long battery life is the high light of this product. The smart lock also has power saving mode so that it sleeps when not in use. The included lithium batteries can run for up to 8000-time access. The low battery alarm will warn you when you can still have 1000 time access.

Apart from being so durable, the unit is also backed by 18 months warranty on electronic parts and lifetime mechanical warranty as well.

Special features

Ultraloq UL3 offers some of the interesting features that make the smart lock even smarter. Let’s learn the special things of this smart lock.

Fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner is first on the list. You may be well aware of the fact that fingerprint of every human being is unique. Well, that is the idea behind this particular feature. You enroll your fingerprint and gain access using it. No one else can do this on your behalf. Sorry, bad guys!!! The waterproof, scratchproof scanner can identify the fingerprint in less than 0.5 seconds.

However, there is a small glitch here. Actually, it is not a problem with the fingerprint scanner. It is not possible to keep your finger each time on the imprint reader in the exact same angle and position the way you had kept while enrolling. There could be also other factors like dry skin, dust on the scanner etc.

The reason could be anything but the solution is simple. Enroll your fingerprint more than once, each time in different angles. You can enroll 95 fingerprints anyway. Is it not a smart idea?! Smart lock; smarter you.

Anti-peep Password

Are you afraid of others stealing your password by watching you typing or by looking at the worn-out keypads?! Not anymore. The Ultraloq UL3 provides yet another interesting and very useful feature – anti-peep password. This functionality lets you type any number of random digits. If the actual preset password is embedded in that long set of random digits, then you can still gain access.

So next time when somebody is standing next to you while typing in the password, you need not have to worry or reset the password.


Appearance wise, Ultraloq UL3 gets five stars. Made of a single piece of Zinc Alloy, the Ultraloq is a sharp looking electronic door latch. It is aesthetically pleasing. The model comes in two different color options- Satin Nickel and Aged Bronze.

Some of the customers had issues with the inside handle that extends a bit too far away into the house. So, when the door is kept fully opened if there is very less space between the door and the wall, then this smart lock may dent your wall.

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  • Real keyless experience with the flexibility to use fingerprint, code or physical key.
  • Reversible lever.
  • Anti-peep password.
  • Weatherproof solid built.
  • Long battery life and low battery indications.
  • Auto-lock after four seconds. This option can be turned off when there are too many guests in and out.
  • Intuitive OLED display.
  • You need to replace the existing deadbolt to install Ultraloq UL3.
  • The fingerprint scanner is too sensitive. However, you can enroll as many as 95 fingerprints. So enrolling your fingerprint in different angles will help you gain access easily.

>> See Price of Ultraloq Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock on Amazon <<

Verdict – Is Ultraloq Keyless Smart Door Lock Right for You?

If you are looking for an affordable door lock solution and want to experience a total keyless entry then Ultraloq UL3 is a wise choice.

With the sole purpose of making people’s life easier, the Ultraloq have come up with this innovative smart lock – UL3. You can easily unlock the door using the electronic keypad or integrated fingerprint scanner. Yes, the physical keys still work too.

So no more carrying keys along every time you go out. The smart lock even locks the door behind you automatically. Plus, when you are expecting too many guests in and out of your house like in parties, you can turn off this auto lock feature.

This solid built, durable and reliable smart lock from Ultraloq with the 3-in-1 keyless entry experience is sure to make your smart home smarter.

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