Wireless Doorbells with Camera – Key Advantages and Our Top Picks

Nowadays, a lot of people buy highly expensive security systems for their homes. People like to feel safe when the are at home. And it is critical to, not only feel, but be safe in your home.

But you don’t necessarily need to spend thousands to do so.

There are different ways to do it, and one of them is getting a wireless doorbell with a camera. This is a very efficient way and lets you know who is knocking at your door, and even some models let you talk to the person outside.

Having a wireless doorbell with a camera has lots of different features and valuable benefits. But from all of them, below are the most significant advantages and reasons why so many people like to have a wireless doorbell with a camera.

Wireless Doorbell with Camera – Advantages

1. Live Browsing

This is the main feature of any wireless doorbell with the camera. You can see the visitors at the door on the central unit before you have to open the door. This way, you can see them, but they can’t see you –which is useful for many different scenarios in which, you have unexpected guests.

2. Watch Images Offline

These systems have a digital camera within, and they capture pictures of all visitors when they press the doorbell button; after that, the pictures are transferred to the base unit. This enables you to watch the pictures of visitors offline and know who was at your house when you were away.

3. Surveillance System

Like we just said, home safety is paramount. Using a wireless doorbell with the camera, you can create a basic –but very useful– monitoring system to keep track of everything that goes on outside your door. That way, your mind can be at peace and with no worries.

4. Night Vision

An infrared camera is one of the latest trends on the market. They are very useful because they let you see what is going on when it is jet black outside. It makes your wireless doorbell system work for 24 hours straight and not just when the sun is out.

Planning to get a wireless doorbell with the camera for your house? That’s a good decision. However, there are so many different systems out there that you might not know which one to buy.

Best Wireless Camera Doorbells – Our Picks and Reviews

There has been an exponential rise in the companies that are making wireless camera doorbells. We have combed through literally dozens of them to create this list so that it stays fresh and relevant to our readers.

Ring Video Doorbell

Ring video doorbell was the clear leader in this segment when we started comparing features of dozens of the wireless camera doorbells. The ring is not just a doorbell with a camera that snaps pictures, but it can record crisp videos of the caller, and it can allow you to talk that person regardless of whether you are at home or away.

Ring doorbell leverages your home WiFi signal and does its job. It’s been acquiring great reviews all over the internet, and that’s well justified as it could be your futuristic doorbell that works like a charm.

It has got a powerful doorbell camera that has night vision capabilities. Installing this doorbell is easy, and it can be up and running very quickly once you decide to fix it in your home. The Ring app does all the magic of connecting the base unit to your smartphone.

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 SkyBell HD Wireless Camera Doorbell

We have another excellent wireless camera doorbell onto our list. SkyBell HD is an improvised version of the original SkyBell

(that had few shortcomings earlier). However, SkyBell HD has significant improvements since its first release.

This is a product similar to Ring Doorbell, however, SkyBell differs in few areas. First of all, it looks very compact and boasts a unique circular design. It works with WiFi, and the mobile app helps you to speak to your visitors right from your smartphone when someone is at your door.

It has a motion detecting ability, and the camera is pretty solid with night viewing features. The doorbell can record pictures and videos for later viewing as well.

Overall, the product is pretty decent and doesn’t disappoint you. Read our full review of SkyBell HD.

See User’s Reviews and Price

ZModo Greet Wireless Video Doorbell

ZModo Greet is an inexpensive option for people who are looking for a decent wireless camera doorbell without burning their pockets. Though ZModo is pretty cheaper than its competitors, it does features some great specs.

It allows you to see a live view in HD resolution (720 p) and you can answer the person at the doorbell using your mobile. It also has a recording feature, allowing you to verify the stored media later. ZModo Greet has a bit of motion-sensing abilities as well which can be handy to add additional security to your home.

Check User’s Reviews and Price

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7″LCD Wireless Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System Night Vision Waterproof

Doesn’t the name say everything already? This system has so many features that it would take too long to list them all.

But just so you know few, the system has a 2.4GHz digital frequency which enables a secure and stable transmission; a camera with  6 IR light, used for the night vision; and the indoor monitor can save 100 photos.

Another good thing is that you can power the system with a replaceable or rechargeable lithium battery or with a source of energy, so you don’t have to struggle with keeping it on.

See User’s Reviews and Price

Optex iVision Wireless 2-Way Video Door Intercom System

This system has a 300ft transmission range and line of sight with a 2.25″ LCD monitor. It also has a two-way Intercom so you and the visitor can communicate before opening the door, and the storage can keep up with 163 images. The camera also has a viewing angle of 90º.

Doorbot Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Doorbell

The best feature of this doorbell is that you can see and talk to all visitors using your smartphone and tablet, no matter if you are home or thousands of miles away. It is very easy to set up and uses a rechargeable battery. It has a night vision camera as well.

The camera can also be adjusted into different angles, and you can connect it to your Wi-Fi network. All of these and a lot more features. Now it’s rebranded as Ring.

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